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Graphics settings BoS/RoF


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Hi guys.


My old MSI GTX 660 Ti finally went into the silicon heaven last week. I was forced to complete re-installation of PC (oh my God, my ancient, nine years old I5 750 now works with speed of the light :) ). I bought MS GTX 1060 and now I can fly at 0 feet at high details with 60 fps, whereas I used to have between 20 to 25  fps :). Anyway, is there a guide of how to fine tunes the graphic card/game settings to achieve the best results?


Thanks for the information.



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Hi Pragr,


sorry to hear about the issues, but for me this a very interesting Posting as it seems I will run into similar situation sooner or later:

My PC is „only“ 4 years old and I have an GTX 660 Ti too. So far I still can play BoX but right now when I am flying the sound of some coolers (probably the GPU ones) telling me clearly that the system is at it’s absolute limits. On more populated servers I recognice also stutters in the graphics and beside this in the last weeks I had 3 or 4 Blue-Screen-Crashes of my PC, that happened always some time after I have played when I did only some internet-surfing or mail writing or things like that….


So I am asking myself all the time:

  • Shall I use my PC as long as it completely dies and invest then directly in a new complete system
  • Or Should I go the approach of replacing component by component, starting with a new GPU?


I was affraid that the component-approach bears 2 major risks:

1st: The other (old) components are limiting the overall system in a way that the potential of the new GPU will not come to full effect

2nd: The latest issues with the PC are connected to any other system component, so I might invest in a new GPU and then it turns out, that the CPU, the mother board or any other core componen is f*cked up and in the worst case I need anyhow a new system….


But how I read your posting it sounds to me that at least the 1st risk seems to be obsolete and also an older system will benefit from a new graphic card => thats good news to me :-D


So have fun with your GTX 1060 and please keep me update to date on your experience with it!


Maybe in summer we now will find time again for some joint operations on Coconut or TAW on CET evenings…  ;-)





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I know that my PC needs to be changed completely, sooner or later. I my case this becomes reality when either the processor or motherboard goes broken. I have the very first generation of Intel i-series processor; it uses socket that is not compatible with 2nd and newer generation. Thus there is no easy solution such is the change of processor/board only. Right now I'm pretty much happy panda :) The performance boost is so incredible that it's like I'd play a totally different game.  


In general, I have third graphic card in my current PC. It has worked like magic in all three cases. There's no sign that BOS would be suffering from the slow processor. As I wrote earlier, the game is running at "high" settings at 60 fps (there is no reason for more since most of monitors are 60 Hz and there is no chance of how to display 60+ fps at 60 Hz monitor). I could switch to "ultra" setting with new rig of course. But the cost would be several times higher and I dislike to change things when they are working well enough for my liking. Additionally, I'm not convinced the "visual" improvements would be worth the money. Still I bought the graphic card with regard to if and when I have to buy new PC, the card itself won't be an issue.


Hope this helps you a bit.

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Hi and thanks, that helps not only a bit, but a lot  :D


Because it shows me, that an investment of about 300 € for sure makes sense when it helps getting a lot more out of BoX or (at least as important) out of FC....

...and maybe in next few weeks the prices of last generations of GPUs (like 1060ies series) will decrease even a little bid more ... 


Just hope that the blue-screen-issues are really connected to actual GPU or any other easy replaceable component! :rolleyes:

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