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TIR hotkeys in IL2


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One of the many controls problems I have in the IL2 series is that my TIR hotkeys don't work in the game.  In RoF they always worked fine.  For view centering, I have the "home" key entered in my TIR program, and for pausing, I have "End" chosen.  Both have "enable", "toggle" and "trap" checked in the TIR program.  Still, when in IL2, they don't work.


Any ideas?

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Try launching TrackIR as an administrator.

Recently, I've had to run an FPS game as admin and that negated my hotkey to Discord's PTT unless I ran Discord as admin, also.  Though these are two sets of different programs, the symptom is remarkably the same.

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There may be a key conflict between IL-2 and TrackIR.  I can't think of what could be using the "home" or "end" keys in IL-2.  But, just in case, test it out using different keys, and see if the problem remains.


By default, the "Home" key is used for "move pilot head backward" in IL2.


The "End" key is used for "move pilot head right" in IL2.


These are the only key "conflicts" that I see.


However, those "conflicts" did not cause any problems in RoF.  I did not want to eliminate default functions because they are used to position the view, when saving views.  In fact, I am wondering if it is even possible to save views in IL2.  If not, this would be (another) huge step backwards.


If any or all of you feel these conflicts are the cause of the problem, let me know.  S!

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I just tried setting "Home" to center TIR in my TIR settings (I normally have it mapped to my pinkie switch on joystick) and it worked fine for me. I do have a Saitek X55 but I don't think that would have anything to do with keyboard commands.


Also, my pinkie switch is set to center in the TIR main screen settings. Is that where you're setting it up? EDIT:... never mind. I just reread your OP.


Puzzling problem.

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