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Santa, I've been GOOD... PLEASE!


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Now, this is one awesome plane!



PT6A-28 with 680HP from the reduction gearbox. Full reverse (there's a video of him backing the plane up about 30 meters... and he has a back-up light!) for super short fields, and those super squishy trailing link main gears on the Wilga with those Tundra tires... Drooling.



I promise I'll never ask for anything else Santa.

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I think this is a really excellent way to spice up general aviation. It gives you some other real world taskings to accomplish when going up. Stuff you really have to consider. As a student I think this is absolutely an excellent way to practice.


I hope they have a realistic weather system, and I also hope the weight and balance isn't just auto calculated by moving some sliders. I hope there is depth in it. All in all it sounds very fun.

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