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Hey Barton... enjoyed the race....  I always learn something.... I saw that there was a service that was grading your performance and yours was improved at the end of the race. I have not seen that before. I am really happy to see that because my only complaint about AC compared to iRacing was that the crashing seemed a lot more common and there was really nothing that addressed it. I want to learn more about that.


Here is a picture of my new toy....  that bonus check was just burning a hole in me...  so I splurged and went whole (oink) hog. I got the MS mixed media VR and Snaggle is helping me get that setup. I got the shifter coming too, but that should not be that hard to get going. 



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Very nice! I may be getting one of those for my Christmas present to myself. When I remade my current set up I found out the new design doesn’t work well for the wheel. I’ve been wanting to get back into racing after following F1 this season (go Mercedes!).


I have another AC video I’ll put out some time this week that is just bonkers.

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Snaggle is doing all the hard part, getting everything setup...  I got to drive it tonight for the first time with the VR....   zowie.... another world...   I have a lot to learn about this business...but the driving was amazing what a difference it made.  Control was instantly better, it seemed grip, braking *everything* was improved which is something I was not prepared for.... but happy to have. 


Jump in there Klaiber!   get a wheel and enjoy it... this is a hoot man...   Logitech G-27 off ebay, I am still using mine as a back up on the old machine for the heck of it...    you can put in some really good laps with that setup and not expensive at all. Particularly on races with short tracks and basic cars (like the Fiat) no technical setup... heck.. NO SETUP!  tire pressure.. there you go... you can worry yourself on that one... !   Get in there and race... we have enough guys here that we could setup a race among ourselves and really have some fun. IT is the same thing as the flight sims... it's the people you know and race with that make it fun, the results don't matter.


The GO - Karts are a BLAST !

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