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Yeah, you can do that:


Using Windows File Explorer, browse to the file location shown in the yellow box below.  In the "Tracks" folder, you will see one set of file/folder for every RoF track that is saved on the computer.  The example below has only ONE track saved, but you will most likely see many.  Every track has it's own *.trk file, and along with that a folder that has the same name as the file name.  These names are the names that the game shows for the tracks inside the game.  By default they're named by mission type and date/time, but you're able to rename them within the game; so find whatever applies.  MOST IMPORTANTLY: you must copy BOTH the appropriate *.trk file AND the corresponding folder with the same name.  You then paste them into YOUR computer's "Tracks" folder.  Once you do that, you'll be able to go into your game and find it in the list of tracks, and then play/edit it.


The person who is supplying the track data will have to get it to you in some way, the best thing would be to put them in a *.zip file (archive) and send it to by email if it's not too big, or if it is, upload it to a file hosting site such as Microsoft OneDrive and share it there.



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