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JG1’s 4th Flight Sim Genre


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I saw some stupid review of that game in a google feed on my cell phone.  IDK how much they paid that guy for the review but there's no way you'd get me to rave about simulating a 5 hour flight in economy class without at least paying a couple months of my mortgage.  At least in an actual flight to Ireland you get off the plane in Ireland.  The things people spend their time making....

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Can I be the first one to COMPLAIN about the inaccurate flight models?


my girlfriend of 32 years has been an agent/flight attendant for 30 with AA and ATA)  I hear this EVERY SINGLE day.... I can't wait to get this for her for her birthday... probably would be hers or mine last birthday. 


Didn't have to put in his credit card to access that phone....  wow... I hate to think what THAT costs these days...


I am always dumbfounded when I see these things....  I can't imagine anyone wanting to sit in the cockpit for that long much less in the back.  At least 20 years ago it was a lot of fun...but today....  man....  9/11 changed everything and it will never go back. 

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