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Target: Destroy vs Destroy Ground


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In a mission, I got a 'Destroy' target. The objetive was a column. The target was attached to the last waypoint of the column, which was only a few meters away from the starting waypoint.


Just a few minutes after starting flying, I got a Mission Failed. I realised that it was because the column arrived at the last waypoint before being destroyed. I confirmed this because I changed the Target from 'Destroy' to 'Destroy Ground' and I didn't get Mission Failed text. Now, how can I prevent this from happening again?

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DCG doesn't care if your mission was a success or a failure.  The campaign advances and the "world" changes based on what occurred during the time you were flying.  So set the campaign to instant success - otherwise when you get a failure, your campaign is just going to get messed up.


Bit confused, Did you mean  "No Instant Success" like idefix44 suggested or are you saying that DCG ignores that difficulty setting and allows you to move forward without having to refly the mission to generate the Mission Complete message?




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