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Vintage Mission Sunday - Oct14, 1918 - Somme Bombing Offensive


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Salute gentlemen! 


After 5 weeks of Jasta 5's epic event, Black September, we are going to keep the "100 years ago today" theme going with this week's 

Vintage Mission.  This Sunday will see over the Somme for an all out bomber offensive.  No recons are necessary, however targets are very hard and take large bombs to destroy.  


Previous versions of this map gave Entente forces too large of an advantage with the powerful Breguet bombers.  On this version, we will have limited Breg's.  This will make the primary offensive bombers Gothas and Handley-Pages.  It is late 1918 and the situation is desperate.  September saw the Central forces carry the day, but this is October and the Entente forces are looking for payback!



Mission Description:


Date:  October 14, 1918


Location:  Somme River, France


Both Allied and Central Squadrons are ordered to: (1) Destroy all enemy targets marked on the map; (2) Fly offensive patrols over enemy lines to intercept enemy aircraft.  Both AI and human flown bombers will have to destroy important targets for the upcoming final offensive. The more targets they can destroy, the better they will be prepared for the following battle. The first side that destroys all targets will have won this "bomber offensive".


Weather:  Will match real world conditions at location on Sunday. 


Good luck gentlemen S!

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