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FIF 2018 "Fall Campaign"


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Hi All,


The FIF 2018 "Fall Campaign" will be starting on Saturday, October 27th!


We will be conducting a test mission this Saturday, October 20th.  This is a stress test, as well as a mission test.


If you wish to register for the event, just stop by here and post.


The Blue Team will start by flying Central.  The Red Team will start by flying Entente.  After two missions, the teams will flip sides.



The tournament will be hosted on the JG1 server.


Mission start is at 2PM EDT (6PM UTC): http://forum.jg1.org/topic/3010-flanders-in-flames-calendar/


However, it's recommended that people arrive to their respective TeamSpeaks about 15 minutes early.


The server password will be distributed on TeamSpeak, so make sure you know where your team is meeting!


The Blue Team is using the Jasta 5 TS server, and the Red Team is using JG1's.


Basic tournament information can be found on the FIF boards:



Please let me know if anyone has any questions.


Looking forward to flying with you all!



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S! All


Welcome to "Mountain Madness".


Doing this in the mountains looks beautiful but has created some problems.  First problem is .... the mountains. There is very little flat land. The entente side has some and the Central side has almost none. Because of this, many secondary missions are ships at a dock.  Horse units on the mountain side are really large mountain goats.


The General capture, Spy and Rescue missions have been changed. For the General capture and Spy, you just have to find them and they will fire a flare. You do not need to land and pick them up. You will get the pick up message and the appropriate message for the secondary.


For the Rescue mission you still have to kill the AAA truck at the prison. The ambulance will spawn at the local airfield. One minute later the ambulance will flare. You must fly very low over the airfield to rescue the prisoner. Remember to take a rope ladder.


There are lots of Pups.

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For the Rescue mission you still have to kill the AAA truck at the prison. The ambulance will spawn at the local airfield. One minute later the ambulance will flare. You must fly very low over the airfield to rescue the prisoner. Remember to take a rope ladder.


...how about adding some helicopters to the plane-set?.....

:D  :P

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Start time is a bit off because Europe is on Regular time and North America is still on Daylight Savings time.





Not yet, starts Sunday 28th



That's an important point, to avoid any confusion: 

Our time change takes place in the Night from Saturday 27th to Sunday 28th, meaning (at least for central and western europe): When the Mission starts, we have still UTC +2 time.... 


Question: On which date will the change from EDT to EST be?

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November 4.


It's important for everyone to keep in mind that the time reference for FiF is, and always has been US time (not UTC/GMT). So if your time changes with respect to US time, or US time changes, and you're not in the US, your start/end time will change, unless your time happens to change by the same amount in the same direction, simultaneously. For those in the US, the start/end time never changes, regardless if it's standard or daylight savings time.


Clear as mud?


EDIT: Klaiber beat me to the post :)

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the practice server is not working for me today. ( 10-24-18  at 12;30 cst )

the previous "odd" map worked but the current "even" map doesn't seem to want to load.

it starts to load but then kicks me back to the main page

That happened to me too. The map was downloaded, but then you land in the hangar. I could use the card but with its own server.

Original text
Contribute a better translation


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  • 2 weeks later...



We had some glitches in session 2. 


Many of the European players had Discos. No idea what was up there unless some internet node was overloaded or attacked.


Blue team had a glitch with the Recon program. They had correct load out but no camera icon. They successfully took pics of the HQ and the Strategic recon and made it safe back to base. Blue team will have 2 points added to the displayed score at the end of the session.



Good job by all.


For session 3, All times are changed over so we go back to the usual times.   We really need to get rid of Daylight Savings Time.

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J5_Klugermann, on 05 Nov 2018 - 13:18, said:snapback.png

Issues with the prisoner rescue as well...AAA destroyed, truck to airfield, flare fired, truck disappears no notification for RTB.



This was examined.  Changing the missions to fly over instead of land means the notification comes up as the first flare fires from the ambulance. Unfortunately it is easy to miss.  The display time for Prisoner, Spy and General capture messages will be changed to 12 seconds.  The first time the mission was attempted the pilot crashed on landing. The complex trigger checks for stationary and alive. The alive part also refers to the condition of the plane. Ground looping and cracking a wing or other significant damage nullifies the mission. The damage threshold is set at 50%  so minor damage is acceptable.

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J2_Bidu, on 05 Nov 2018 - 16:05, said:snapback.png

Any way more event rules can be automatically enforced rather than have the violations be punished?


I don't mean to say the punishments are not legitimate. It is the current way to try and have people follow the rules. But I have failed this in the past, although I try my best, apparently it wasn't enough. I have also witnessed other people holding wrong assumptions on some rules, etc., happens every time, for some reason or another. Even old hands. Maybe it's because there are several events, and rules change between them. I believe it's bad for everyone when people violate the rules, and are punished. It would be nice if most cases could just be prevented.





Excellent idea!


Actually, I think that can be done.  The initial problem with that was having someone kicked out of the game. J5 looks like they have solved that problem. They do a 20 minute time out. FiF would do a 2 hour time out. People would have to go to spectate and then come back in as a gunner.  Many people have flown Bloody April and Black September. That gives us a broad base of people that are familiar with the procedure and will be able to help others that may not have done it.



I would not want to change things until after the next 2 sessions.



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S! All


A quick update to the prisoner rescue mission. In the past you had to land. Now you only have to fly over. The complex trigger is set to "On object entered". If you are over the aerodrome to pick up the pilot, it will not trigger. You need to wait at least as far away as the prison castle. When you see the flares, then approach the aerodrome. You should see the message in the bottom right "pilot picked up. RTB". Landing at a friendly aerodrome completes the mission.

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