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Well...I'm back! :D


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Things took a really unexpected turn for me yesterday. Basically, my parents met with me and told me that they would be fine with me returning to flying ROF. This naturally came as quite a (pleasant) shock for me, as when my parents and I decided I should stop flight sims and PC games, I thought that this decision was pretty much set in stone and not subject to change.


Now, it's not that my parents brutally swooped in and forced me to give up simming lol. It was a joint decision we made, albeit a very hard one for me. And I still believe it was the right move at that time. Flight sims (plus a whole lot of other PC games) had really gotten a hold on me to the point where I wasn't trying any new hobbies and sacrificing time with my family. I know in JG1, one of our core mottoes is "real life comes first," but things had gotten to the point where real life was starting to take a backseat for me. Also, especially as my younger brother (Furious Flea) started to battle with ulcerative colitis and was hospitalized, it was crystal-clear that I needed to be available for my family rather than spending 2-3 hours on my PC every night. 


Anyway, so that's why my parents and I jointly decided to pull the plug not just on ROF but every PC game. At that time, we thought that I would never do it again and just leave it all behind. That's why they suggested I sell my gear so that I wouldn't be tempted to re-enter it. So, when I submitted my resignation from the group, I honestly thought that I was done for good. I closed down my Twitch channel, sold my gear, and said my goodbyes. 


That's why yesterday came as such a shock for me! I believe my time on leave was ultimately was a good thing. I started new pursuits, learned some new hobbies, and spent time deepening my relationship with my family in a way I probably wouldn't have if I was still flying every night. But now, I think I can put ROF in its proper place in my life and take to the skies again!


I'm planning on flying one night a week, and not on Saturdays. I've grown to like having my Saturdays free, so I wouldn't be doing FiF. But honestly, FiF wasn't what I missed most about ROF. It was just the pure awesomeness of flying sorties with the guys in JG1 and the adrenaline rush of dogfighting that I missed the most. And now that I've been away, I think I am going to appreciate and enjoy that one night a week so much more! I’ll be reopening my Twitch channel too, so really looking forward to that as well. :) Finally, I've decided to focus purely on ROF, and later on Flying Circus. With only so much time available, it makes sense to focus on what I really love.  B) 


So yeah...I'm back! Who’s ready to send those Entente boys down in flames? :D :D :D 

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Great news Herr Austin!!!

I can feel the happiness in your words and I'm very happy with.

Real life always must guide us, specially about family, but my half century life says we have to have a time only for us, something you love to do. Just do not make this get your entire available free time. Common sense allow us mix real and virtual live.

Welcome back.

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Not only welcome back my friend ,,, but welcome to real life. As for myself I've been dealing with the loss of a brother as you know and a new career . I too miss flying and hanging out with the gang. You got me started back into flight simming . So it's a pure pleasure to hear you'll be up in the skies (virtually) again.

God bless.

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Thanks for the warm (re)welcome guys! It's good to be back! :D

Welcome back! I figured you’d be back eventually, but am pleasantly surprised your leave got cancelled sooner rather than later.

Have fun buying a new set of controllers. Sticking with Ch, or are you going to try some other kit?

I'm a CH fanboy lol. It's solid, reliable, and what I know. Except for the pedals, that is. I'm getting some Logitech/Saitek pedals very similar to the ones Raz gave me a while back. I have good memories with those. Should have most of my gear back in about a week or so!  B)  

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