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I tried to insert some pictures to the post on this forum but I found the forum doesn't support new google "webP" format. Is there any work around of this issue? From whatever reason the google offers me that specific format even though I upload the pictures in jpg format.

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Yeah, first time I found the magic of term "soon" was back in 2004 when I started to play World War II Online. Several features that were announced to be ready "soon" at those days are not in the game even nowadays :D


I definitelly love "soon" 



It is very important for all to remember that "soon" is not a function of our commander's control, other than contracting others to do what we need done.


Action has been taken long ago, and as we all know, the results of any contract that we may make are not always what we may wish (in fact, most often not what we may wish)


I'll give you an example:


I had a job, and money to complete that job available, many months ago.  That job was to do an extensive trim molding upgrade inside my house.  I had a contractor that I knew personally and had worked with before.  However, he was "very busy", and although he procured and delivered all of the expensive trim pieces, he gave no date at which he'd be available to install them.  In the mean time, I spent the summer finishing all of the wood (meaning staining, hand sanding, and polyurethaning for 3 coats, all of that wood).  This all done only in my spare time....


Realizing that my "guy" wasn't going to do anything very soon, I contacted another contractor that a friend across the street knew personally and that others had said was outstanding at doing trim work.


He said he couldn't do anything for me within a year (seriously?)  To me, that means he's uninterested in doing my job at all (just say so in the first place, please!)


At that point I realized that doing it all myself was the only real option.  I'm a competent carpenter and have a lot of tools....but installing expensive oak crown molding without ruining one 14-ft. piece that I'd spent many hours on finishing?  I was not looking forward to that....


So I researched the web and got a newer, better miter saw for over $350.00....but still far cheaper than a contractor....


And so now I am in the midst of installing "umpteen" feet of crown molding that I finished myself....after having already installed all of the base board, quarter-round, chair rail that was left to install.


This crown molding is not small....and it is oak....it does not bend or conform to imperfections at all.


I'm learning....I'm learning.  But the greatest of this is that you can't count on anybody other than yourself; a thing I learned a long time ago about my cars.


In other words, I commiserate with and understand the website delays that Klaiber and Britchot are dealing with.



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