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shock of the new


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Like most people I am always excited about new technology. While the excitement is great there is also attitude of pragmatism about adopting it. To paraphrase Luke Skywalker  "You just can't get anything for a J7 now that that the J10s are out."  Technology evolves. When do you jump in? Well in my case it is when the old technology is not just obsolete but dead and buried.


Yes, I took my beloved flip phone, a present from my Uncle Mosses and traded for a smart phone. Just how smart is it? Definitely better than this old 2001 era  HAL 9000 unit I have at the house. Personally I want a "phone" to be a phone. The world has changed. The device is a muti faceted information highway, movie studio, personal assistant and ...............flashlight.  I expected many of these features but really bought it for the camera. The images are as good as my now retired 35 mm slr.


So what do I expect now? 


Smart phones will be replaced by google glasses with holo displays.


Any day now.

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