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ROF Guncam montage - Vive le Nieuport 28!


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Ah, the Rise of Flight Nieuport 28. So quaint, so outperformed by other aircraft. When we see her online, we treat her like the old granny of the flight sim birds...something to be unceremoniously rolled over by the bigger, meaner birds of prey out there. One might think this lowly little aircraft would be doomed to the role of bullet sponge forever (or until it gets a flight model tuneup)! 


But this bird has a secret side to her that few know about...she can be a killer! Under the right circumstances, she can even send the dreaded Fokker triplanes and D.VIIfs running home with their tails between their legs! This little firesnorter of an aircraft has certainly captured my heart, and I hope she will capture yours too. Vive le Nieuport 28! biggrin.png


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