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You have done wonders to this place


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Hi folks. Just getting back into the saddle. Oldest son is graduated from college and has started his career as an actuary. Younger son is finishing his junior year in college.


Last August, I got a new rig from Cyber Power, a Cobra (like Stachel) and it has the oomph to do what needs to be done. I can now play COD and ROF which were too complicated for the old rig.


I have G940 controls. I am hoping to find a good control mapping scheme(s) for both COD and ROF. So if there are any G940's in the squadron, I hope you can share your maps.


I want to see if I can my flight proficiency back and re-join.


Glad to see the unit still going!

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Hey Moritz,


Great to hear from you again! It sounds like you've been busy.


I'll PM you our TeamSpeak 3 info.


I'll be around tonight and tomorrow, so we can get together and talk a little about getting you all squared away.


Or just PM me a time that would work for you and I'll see if I can be there.


Talk to you more soon!





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