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IL2 Update today


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I’m returning it. The resolution is shit even with my 1080ti I can’t see let alone ID any aircraft outside 3km unless it is shooting at something and the lenses blur everything just enough to make it noticeably worse regardless what setting I have it at. It is nice being able to see around posts so easily but it sure as hell isnt worth $350. I’ll gladly be getting a refund tomorrow.

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You have to use the Oculus Debug Tool, which comes with the software.


Change the Pixels Per Display Pixel Override to 1.2 before you start up the Oculus Rift.


This will clear things up for you.


Note: you'll have to do this each time you want to start up Oculus.


If your system can handle it, you can even bring the Pixels Per Display Pixel Override up to 2.


And as Brit says, use the Mygoto mod: http://forum.jg1.org/topic/5619-il2-sturmovik-vr-settings-mod-configuration/

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I’ll give this a try tomorrow after work but I’m not expecting much




3Dmigoto MOD is a must have for this to work properly, also tweaking the SS settings as per this thread really helps alot.




Razwald and I spent much time tweaking this in.



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Barton I'm going to be the voice of reason here. I have the Vive Pro it has slightly better resolution but at a higher cost. I was also disappoint at first. After the mod and some tweaking I'm happier now and cant go back.

With that said, if you are someone who likes technology and want to experience VR now knowing it will be better down the line keep it. I don't have the oculus so I'm not sure what it will look like after its moded so you'll have to decide that on your own.

Lipfert, I'm still tweaking my settings. The other night with Loopy I was spotting stuff on the deck from 5k. However stuff that was co-alt Loopy could see and I couldn't. They didn't show up for me until danger close for WW2. Ww1 it would have been fine.

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Nah, I'm done with it.  I put on the mod but I'm not going to spend days on end tweaking this crap. Not when the lenses will constantly blur everything no matter where I position the headset and not when my current setup works perfectly.  There's nothing you can do to this to get anything clear and visible as it is on a 40+" TV.  I'd think about keeping it if I had time to play racing sims but I don't.

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