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JG1 test FC server


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Im glad, very glad, that we have own WW1 server at IL2 Great Battles game. I must say, that FC is better like old RoF for me and is really pleasure fight against Camels and Spad in Dreideckers and Pfalzes. With Pfeil we did some beautifull battles on this server - look to the pictures. Looking forward to next online battles and to incoming next planes from FC. I feeling the first FC FiF is closer and closer :)


Very very long time i did not see so many planes in air (icons are for illustration only, picture is from track)



Furious fight with a Spad  :huh: (some minutes later he was shootdown by me. I really like Spad in flames :P )



I saw that my friend leutenant Peter Pfeil is in big problems - pissed Camel attacked him from low altitude. Pfeil had not any chance spotted him, he followed another one before him (later he had kill this another Camel)



Saving leutenant Pfeil`s ass  :ph34r: Pfeil is in dogfight with another one.



ha haaa! Is down! another two victories for Jasta 6 - Pfeil got another Camel. Time to beer, cognac, cigarette and very hot french girl  ;)



returning to home, low fuel, low ammo


leutenant Pfeil landed in field




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