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FC get-together: flippin' awesome!

IRFC Hawkeye

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Gotta say that today's special event (Dec 23) on the JG1 FC server was spectacular!   :D


Super-duper thanks to Butzzell for having excellent mission maps ready to go, and all those who joined us for the fun!  For those who couldn't make it, we missed you, but were probably too involved to remember that at the time   :P


Learned a LOT about the Entente planes, and flew them the entire time.  At high altitudes, the SPAD is not as dominant over the Pfalz, as it is at low altitudes.  I found the Camel flippin' awesome, we cleaned house with it, it turns like crazy and can catch anything on the Central side right now, so is really the most dangerous foe for us.


Special THANKS to Larner for winging up in SPADs, what a great experience; even though he was severely hampered by excessively low frame rates.  Also as usual excellent teamwork and leadership by Razwald, Loopy, Dudley, Hotlead, Pragr, Etzel, Butzzell, Lipfert, Snaggle, Kliegmann, and everybody else I had the extreme pleasure of flying with and against.  There is something unusually memorable about flying in a completely new venue, and FC did not disappoint; and I have to rank today's event among my all-time favorites.


S! All!


and Merry Christmas!

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It was an absolute blast! :D :D :D Thanks to Butzzell and Snaggle for the server and stats work; also thanks to everyone I had the pleasure of flying with and against! I think I'm officially hooked on Flying Circus. :) 


Here's my livestream of the event:


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It was great guys... Had a good time!



Sorry I fired on you when you where dead stick. I'm not sure if its VR or the game, but I find it harder to tell if the enemies engine has stopped unlike ROF. (and no its not the 3dmigoto mod for VR)


While we are on the subject of VR. Framerates where good up until that big furball at the end of the second map. Not sure if that was because of the AI in the game or we were all in the same place or combination of the 2. So for the most part it looked good on my end.

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S! All


I had a blast. Some of the best fights I have seen. Great flying by everyone.


I like the way the planes perform in FC.  RoF is great but FC is better. The way planes are damaged in FC is different. Much more realistic.


I will be doing some other maps as we add 2 seaters. The IL2 biplane has been added but it is a collector plane.


While the maps worked well, just like real life, it is not where you are that is important, it is who you are with. It is the people in the community that make it a great experience.



S! All


Merry Christmas

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I have WMR VR headset.


Do you recommend the mod for FC as I don't fly any of the WWII aircraft? Any other mods?


Here is what it brings to the table that would translate for both.


1 There is an issue with planes disappearing around clouds when they haven't entered them yet. He has been messing with that. I haven't notice any major difference when its on or off. Could be patch or the mod needs updating.


2 There is a zoom function. Don't use it myself but you can Instantaneously zoom to 1.5X, 5X and 10X.


3 Occulus guys needed to remove the propeller due to artifacting. It didn't change anything for me including FPS so I leave it on.


4 Color, you can change brightness and saturation since it can't be done like a monitor. I use this and have 3 settings. link to my settings as of 12/24/18  http://forum.jg1.org/topic/5619-il2-sturmovik-vr-settings-mod-configuration/?do=findComment&comment=45651


5 There is a kneeboard function. Its great for making maps or notes so you can page through it while in VR.  5 pages max as of v10.1 I have used it and plan on using it for events.


6 The optical gun-sight is only rendered in one eye. Useful for WWII.


4,5 and 6 are the most useful to me.


Link to the mod page



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Was good fun, and great to see the first proper FC1 furballs!


Unfortunately, as Luft mentioned, I was having trouble with frame rates dropping very low, which made me quite useless in a fight...eventually resulting in my poor SPAD catching fire in a head-on with HL. Christmas come early for JG1!


By any means, a big thanks for inviting me along, hopefully I’ll have an upgraded rig in time for the next one!


Edit: in regards to one-hit-kill headshots, I think they are modelled. During a different fight with HL he raked his guns across the top of my SPAD as I turned, resulting in insta-death...that, mixed with the increased accuracy of the guns, is going to add a very interesting dynamic to F.C...

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....I like the way the planes perform in FC.  RoF is great but FC is better. The way planes are damaged in FC is different. Much more realistic....

I agree with the damage assessment. I would also add that in my opinion, the gunnery is more realistic. It seems to more accurately simulate deflection requirements and bullet drop. The tracers are certainly more easily seen by me and there seems to be a lot of them, almost like every bullet fired is a tracer.... I'll let others decide whether that's realistic or not. Later, when single-gun scouts appear, it will be interesting to see if that aspect makes them more, or less effective than in RoF.


Later in Hotlead's live stream, Peter Zvan had an interesting comment, which I think I agree with. He mentioned "toning down" the Camel. After having cleared all before me in one without taking any significant damage, it seemed pretty invincible, especially considering that it's faster than even the Pfalz, which basically means that there is nothing the poor Pfalz can do except shoot a Camel in the back when he's not looking (outnumber them and use team fighting tactics). I don't personally consider that wrong...TBH the Pfalz D.IIIa was not reputed to have very good performance in real life, and yet somehow in RoF it is still one of the top planes, even after it was "toned down" years ago. So in my opinion, the Pfalz D.IIIa in FC seems about as realistic and accurate as it should be, although I do think the nose does try to pull up too much on it's own. That's expected in the Camel and possibly the Dr.I to a lesser extent, but I don't see why the Pfalz is rendered as being tail heavy.


In the end it's clear to me that the Camel in FC is the Camel of old that was once in RoF. Whether the Dr.I is any serious competition for it is something I personally haven't tried in PvP yet, but the Dr.I does seem to me to be definitely more unstable as a gun platform, and does seem to me to have more vicious stall characteristics than the Camel does, which seems kind of backwards to me.


In the end, if everything just remains how it is, we will definitely have to change how we do things, from a Central point of view. Hopefully, we can look forward to significantly better performance from the standard Fokker D.VII when it arrives, and also hope for the "au" variant, in addition to the "f" (BMW) variant. I don't really think we have a right to expect any better performance from the Albs than we already have in RoF...they may even end up more Pfalz-like, but with weaker wings.


My personal hope is that we someday get a little more variety on the Central side. Planes like the Roland D.VI and Seimens-Schuckert scouts wouldn't do much to change the balance of power, but it would make things more interesting for our side; and of course the 2-seater possibilities on both sides are not only practically limitless, but very important, and should not be neglected.

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yeah, i like the dynamic of easier flamers / quicker pilot kills...going to make the icons off servers especially more abrupt and dangerous...you really can’t afford to miss the guy slotting in on your tail! Much more realistic based on what I’ve read. It’ll also be interesting to see how it affects fighting 2-seaters...i imagine the good crews will be even deadlier but they’ll be fodder to the guys with good aim that can one-pass the observers.


As for variety of plane sets, i hope down the line we see a lot more variation on both sides! 200hp alb DVs, 230hp spad XIIIs, spad XIIs for blowing 37mm sized holes in those pesky gothas, d.iiiaü D7s, wosseley viper SE’s, Snipes!! P.XIIs with the proper D.IIIaüs, LVGs, Albatross Dr.I would be a really funny collector plane too.


Also hoping at some point for a big expansion on early war crates...uprated DH2s, Fok.EI - EIV, Vickers Gunbuses, Fokker Ds, Nieup 12s & 16s, Albatross & Aviatik two-seaters, B.E.2, F.E.2D, Morane Parasols...


so many possibilities for new crates,if the WW1 thing becomes popular!!


Edit: Curiously, I found the Camel to be more unstable, both for shooting and manoeuvring, than the Dr.I! I think the camel has the edge on turn, though, and definitely has the speed.

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S! All


As a youngster back in 1962 there was a series of 12 page pamphlets from Profile Publications. They were history, pics and specs on WW I planes. At only 2 shillings each, they took many odd jobs to purchase. In retrospect  they were a bargain. Over the years I tracked down where the specs came from. The specs they posted  are the generally accepted plane performance.  I use them here along with Windsock, Fokker Airplanes of WW 1, Janes, Plane vs Plane. Fokker Triplane, Fokker  V5 / Dr.1 and Fighter Aircraft of the 1914 - 1918 War



The camel is spot on at 178 m/sec   111 mph


The PD3a is just a hair off spec    160 m/sec  100 mph  - should be 165 m/sec 103 mph but still well within acceptable. 


The Fokker Dr.1       162 m/sec   101 mph    - should be 185 m/sec  115 mph.  Most listings are for 163 m/sec but that is at 4000 meters. Some references leave off the altitude which causes the confusion about the Dr.1.  Chilli is putting a rotary in his Dr.1. I would wait to see his results before suggesting any revision to the FM.


SPAD XIII C.1           210 m/sec   131 mph  - should be 219 m/sec  136 mph      just a tad slow but close.


Sorry, you get the old worn out Pfalz. Better planes go to the experienced pilots

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What reference are you using to judge speed in the game?  The full real gauges, if they're like the ones in RoF, do not read true.  To get a true relative comparison between aircraft, you have to use the selectable HUD gauges instead of the full-real gauges.


In RoF the German anemometers usually read within a KPH or two of actual speed.  The pitot type gauges on the other aircraft disagree with the actual in-game speed by quite large margins most of the time.  Even altimeters often have significant disagreement.


I've been wanting to spend the time to do just what you did, plus other parameters; just haven't gotten around to it yet.  With regard to "a rotary" for Chili, that's a big generalization.  160 Gnome Camels seem very common, because those were/are most available, but don't necessarily reflect what the 130 Clerget did.  Even if you duplicate the exact engine, you really can't duplicate the fuel that went into them.  In any case, it would be something that could help interpolate performance.  I hope he doesn't hurt himself, considering the reliability of those rotaries is not what he's used to.



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....I was at Dayton when Fred Murin was up and his engine went out. I think a piston rod failed. He landed safely.


That kind of thing is dangerous....and seems unnecessary, even for the time they were built in.  I mean, how much stress could there actually be on that con-rod in a motor that only produces 110 HP, and basically runs a a steady RPM all of the time?  Must have been a lubrication failure at either the big or small end.


What would really be great would be to recreate one of those engines using modern metallurgy, and just a few minor modifications that would make the engine safer (like pressure lubrication instead of total loss oiling, and electronic, redundant ignition).  It would change the nature of the motor in a small or superficial way, but transform it into something more able to work in today's world.  The HP per weight could be maintained, and thus the historical performance, without the unreliability, which does nothing for anybody; and it would also be a safeguard to a priceless airframe.


(Possibly at that same event) I saw a guy who demonstrated a small, working rotary engine which he made entirely from scratch, machining every part of it himself, and assembled it on a test/demonstration bed.  It was actually quite big, maybe 1/3 or 1/4 scale.  I thought, geez, why not make these full scale and sell them to guys who want to build exact full-scale replicas, instead of everybody trying to find a surviving antique rotary somewhere in the world.  What a cool thing that would be!  I'm pretty sure the group out in New Zealand probably recreates their own engines, in at least some, if not all cases.

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