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Huge THANKS to Vonrd!

IRFC Hawkeye

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I want to give supreme thanks to Vonrd for providing me with something I've never had before.  This skin is not just a paint job for me, but has given me an identity that I can be proud of.


Originally I was going to post screen shots of each version that we went to; however, this became so many that that became too much.  Suffice it to say that Vonrd went through 8 major revisions in order to end up with what you see here; the latest and final one being completed only yesterday.  "The 12 Days of Christmas" certainly has meaning for me with respect to Vonrd!  Each day he returned a version that corrected, added or adjusted things from the last version.  He has the patience of a saint!  I can't possibly thank him enough.   :wub:


Although I sure he'll add it to the next major revision, you can download it now, here:  Luftritter Dr.I skin


And before Larner or Talbot beats me to it, NO, the "LR" does not stand for "Left" and "Right", LOL!   :lol:   I gotta admit I sure provided them with fodder for joking, HAHA!  But I'll take my lumps and keep it, I love it!







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Game, if you guys have squadron skins for FC, let us know.  We'll add them to our consolidate downloads page:



Well, we have many skins in ROF, but I understand that we need to "lighten" them, (or something like that), for FC. They work, but look too dark.  Our in-house skinner is no longer with us so we are going to have to have someone direct us in the How-to.


 When it comes to Gimp... I am just that!



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Sweet ride! That cowl art looks menacing, like it wants to eat a Camel for breakfast! :lol: I got my first personal skins in ROF (courtesy of Butzzell - thanks man!) and it’s a great feeling to strap yourself into your plane and think “this one’s mine.†:)


I love how our squad works together to support each other like this! We truly are better together. :D

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