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25+ pilots in Flying Circus Early Access!

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A few Sundays ago, on Dec 23, JG1 had the distinction of hosting one of the first ever organized events in 1C/777's new WW1 flight simulator "Flying Circus". We managed to keep 25 pilots online for the majority of the event, with peaks above even that. For an early-access title with only 4 planes, this is really big news! Here's my impressions of the event and my thoughts on the future of this upcoming title: 



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Lotta action this Sunday afternoon! (Eastern).  Might even have matched or beat that total at some point!  The JG1 server is very popular now for FC, it seems.  Weekend afternoons or evenings, just get on the server and people immediately start to show up at a fast pace; and even if a lot do not appear, there is still AI to combat, and they are far more capable than in RoF.  Try not getting hit by an Ace level Camel, or beating one at all, at near ground level.  They're very dangerous and most humans you meet can't equal the flying skill of the AI.


I'm very much enjoying flying the Dr.I, and find that it CAN be competitive against the Camel at low levels, once you get proficient with it and don't carry too much fuel.  Although the Camel has an obvious ability rise above a Dr.I while turning, that doesn't necessarily translate into an ability to win all of the time.  Personally I love them both and wouldn't complain a bit if they stayed just as they are.


I'm glad to see that SOME people are coming just for the VR experience.....people you don't ever see in RoF.  I hope that continues to draw people in!

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