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TF has released patch 4.54. No new content but has some improvements.




To Wit:


TFS Developer Update - Patch v4.54
Hello everybody and a Happy New Year to you all.

This is just a short update to announce that we are releasing a v4.54 patch via Steam today. This is a bug fix and enhancements release (no new content) and although it is a patch, it is a full 8GB download. This is because we are also introducing a new release and patch procedure - which we will use to roll out further patches between now and the release of TF 5.0.

The list of fixes and enhancements is as follows:

  • Enhanced grass rendering (Fix for the grass popping up).
  • Fixed parachutes disappearing in the distance.
  • Fixed steam lobby creation.
  • Removed “Jump Points“ aka 'Long Grass Traps' on the airfields.
    • This does not fix the spawn points off the airfields, yet.
    • Bugtracker: #562, #774, #867, #869
  • Fixed wrong GUI font messing up cursor position and input fields in chat and Full Mission Builder.
  • Implemented radiator over-pressure valve for aircraft with pressurised radiators.
  • Water radiator only vents as long as there's a reserve.
  • Various changes in Blenheim MkIV top gunner cabin animations.
  • Separated sight illumination control for multi-crew aircraft.
  • Smooth lever/switches cockpit animations for Bf110 versions, Blenheim MkIV, BR.20, Tiger Moth, G.50, He 111, Hurricane Mk1, Ju 87B2, Bf 109 versions, Spitfire versions and Su 26.
  • JU88-A1 turrets B and C must now be unlocked with the "Toggle Park Position" key (as with other turrets).
    • Bugtracker: #737
  • If markings were switched off (in plane options), they no longer show in tracks.
    • Bugtracker: #1009
  • Smoke tracers.
  • Hurricane MkI FB bomb switch display error when dropping bombs from external view
    • Bugtracker: #1021
  • Bf 109 trim indicator display and range corrected
    • Bugtracker: #560, #990, #1004
  • Shaders optimisations


- Please be sure to delete your cache file (in your 'Documents/1C SoftClub/il-2 sturmovik cliffs of dover' folder) before running the game again. 

- Some people who are running AVG or AVAST Anti-Virus are having problems with them blocking the game from running. Solutions: Add an exception for the 64 bit launcher .exe in the main folder. If you still continue to have problems, then you may need to uninstall the Anti-Virus program, (delete all folders after uninstall), then restart your computer, run the game once, then re-install the Anti-Virus and add CoD-Blitz to the exceptions before running the game again.

Launcher .exe is the file with the Blue and Red rondel.

We hope you enjoy it.

For and on behalf of Team Fusion Simulations,



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