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Tips for Vancouver and British Columbia sightseeing


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Hi Guys


I fly in May with my wife for the first time across the pond and we will visit Vancouver Canada for 10 days.  So I thought I ask here if you have any tips what to visit or any secret sights I shoud not miss in the city or in the area.


After those 10 days  we go on a ship cruise up north to Alaska (only it's southren part) so it will be my first visit to US too.

We have a quite full program there but if you have any tips for Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan, Skagway I'm sure they would be usefull too.



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Hi Lipfert.


That sounds like you know the area.


I would like some easy hiking or a bicycle tour (I guees there is apossibility to rent them) 

We are not that outdoors capable to climb there any mountains or play catch with the bears :-)




Ok, just North of Vancouver by Ferry is the Sunshine Coast.





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Hi Pfeil

I live just over on the Island near Victoria.

A visit to 


Is always a good way to send a few hours and it's located not far from the city in North Van.

Easy access to it as well by public transit if your not driving.


This is another good one to see the natural beauty of the area


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