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Upcoming US103 Skinpack Changes

DeFreest Larner

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 Afternoon, Gents...

Just wanted to drop a quick note across the lines about some planned changes to the 103d's skin pack. They will be in 4K, and I know you guys have gone with 2K skins to save disk space, so I thought I'd go through the changes to our pack with you guys, rather than just dropping a DL link off with Butzzell and letting you all take the file size hit ;)
Anyway, here are some of our upcoming changes: 
 1. More Planes!
At the moment we have 13 Skins in our pack, all of which are 4K. We are expecting to raise that number to around 25. As the skin-maker elect for the 103d, I've been pouring hours into researching the 103d's Spads, who flew them, what numbers & flights they were assigned, and what factories built them (and the camouflage patterns they used). Essentially, this means that there will be even more 103d SPADs for us to choose from, - all meticulously researched in order to be as true-to-life as possible - and it also means that we will have the historical mounts of any potential new 103d recruits waiting for them in the hangar! Exciting stuff! 
2. Weathered Warbirds!
Along with the additions of the extra planes, this is the main focal point of the new update. I have totally reworked the weathering on our SPADs to give the impression that they've seen use every day, flying from the aerodromes of France, as they would have done! Every little detail has been completely re-done to best simulate some of the weathering that would have appeared on a real-life SPAD of the great war. 
With the new additions, the 103d SPADs are set to look fiercer than ever! In addition, the level of weathering is actually tied to the pilot's time of service within the squadron. We have 3 weathering 'levels' - Light, Medium and Heavy. Naturally, the oldest members of the squadron have first choice of the best machines! 
Of course, as I mentioned before, we are worried that the finalised US103 skinpack will be quite a large file for those that would prefer to keep the file space. However, I am trying to find a possible solution by creating identically-named 2K equivalents, which (hopefully) the game should be able to read as well, for your benefit! 
Either way, we're very excited about our planned update, and hope that our changes bring a real sense of immersion to you guys when we meet in the unfriendly skies! 
- Lt. (Adjutant) G. De Freest Larner, 
103d Aero Squadron, 3d. P.G, 1st. Pursuit wing. 
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S! Larner


I love the historical look combined with personal numbers.


The 4 k skins look great in screen shots but yes 2 k work very well. It is easy to make 2k skins. After you save the 2 k dds, resize to 2048 pixels and save this dds in a different folder. 


Suggestion for all skin post to work now and in the future. 


Start a post with your squad name  Ex: JG1 Skin pack


Folder 1   - 4 K combined skins of last update and new skins posted in folder 2 - For people that have not downloaded any of these skins.


Folder 2    - 4 k  New skins not in last combined skin pack -  For people that have downloaded previous skin pack and just need to update.


Could repeat for 2 K skins or if all you do is 2 k skins just 2 folders for 2 K.


The poster needs to be the Skin coordinator so he can edit the post and put in links for the new folders when they are combined or updated.


Another suggestion. The zip files should be a generic folder name such as combined.1 or update.1    Then Update the number when new skins are added So people know what they did last.


When downloaded unzip to a new temporary folder. Then you grab the appropriate skins and place them in the proper IL2/FC skin folder.  You don't want people just dragging and dropping a new SPAD 13 folder into their game because it would overwrite and remove existing planes from other sources.



Other ideas?

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