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Track and Cars for the weeks of Feb 13th and 20th


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Server Name: JG1RL

Password: PM Snaggle for password if you are new. It is the same just not publicly presented.


(Tribute to the Indy car going to Circuit of the Americas (COTA) for the first time this year)


Track: Circuit of the Americas (COTA)




Dynamic Surface, Temp 20 degree

Practice Length: 00:10

Qualify Length: 00:10

Race Length: 00:40
Starting Mode: Fast Standing

Race Start Time: 13:00

Race Time Scale: 1

Fuel Usage: 100 // Tire Usage: 100 // Mech Failures: 1 // Damage 70%
Mandatory pit stop: Yes

Driving aids:

  Traction Control if on car: Yes

  Antilock Brakes if on car: Yes

  Stability Control: Off

Car setup Open


2018 Indy Cars: https://www.assettocorsamods.org/product/assetto-corsa-indy-2018-mod/

Cost: 7.99 British Pounds = $ 10.46 Dollars (1 February 2019)


We could also use the 2107 Indy Cars a free mod:




Please come and join us for all the fun.


PM me or post any questions here.



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I never mind buying the car sets....   heck I bought that stupid Russian bomber 4 motor piece of crap for some RoF event that we never used .....  and it was about twice as much as this.... but I am not going to buy the car set until it is official that we are going to use it.  I don't know if we need a show of hands, or a POLL or simply talk to the principles which is easy since we have a small group (for now, it's getting larger) but once the decision is official by the League Commissioner then we can move forward.

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I do believe that Gen and I have the cars already and Lipfert has agreed to purchase the cars, we are now at 75% for now (guessing no one else joins before then), Ludwig you are good to purchase the car set?


@Lipfert I looked over IMSA GTP cars also.


So if I may, I would say we are good to go with the 2018 Indy Cars: https://www.assettoc...-indy-2018-mod/

Cost: 7.99 British Pounds = $ 10.46 Dollars (1 February 2019)




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I have uploaded an alternate version of the track into the root folder of JG1RL TS3 file browser, personally I think it's a better version. I'll let you guys decide.


Circuit of the Americas, well right now it feels like a track just trying to hard. Can't say I like it much, been learning it in PCars 2 driving and LMP3 as I find it more interesting.



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S! Snaggle,


How come I'm not able to choose my Indy Car when getting on the JG1RL server?

If you define a specific car, I'll give you the number and car that I would like... 



Gen ;)


Edited: I'd like Number 28, the yellow and red DHL Mario Andretti car, thx!

The car set doesn't allow for random choosing in multiplayer.


I will have to put the cars on the track in the order we join the server.


This is a common issue with some mods.


No big deal be on TS before the race and we can talk tomorrow..

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