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RLM color is damn complicated subject, particularly when when it gets to late war color. I'm making models for some 35 years now and I'm always in deep hell when I pick camo for late war LW plane. I post following link to illustrate how hard is to find "right" shade of particular color:




There you can see how the color shape is developing during years. It's a bit outdated source though, because according to last one or two year reaserches, RLM 83 was Dark Blue! used on plane using over sea areas.

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RLM color is damn complicated subject, .....


Fully agree. I think color in itself is a difficult subject, very difficult. Talk with my girlfriend.

I painted the walls in my house in a blue tint, my girlfriend talks about the green walls, I still see them as blue, and that's just one item  ;)


Colors depend on the light which strikes it. Morning, noon, evening sunlight give the same surface a different reflection. Noon in the tropics gives a different effect than at the Polar Circle.

I use most of the time Vallejo colors, but you're not going to find my body in a ditch over the argument that their Black Green is the correct RLM 70.

In the past when using photo film I liked Agfa, because to me Fuji was to green, Kodak to blue. But that was how I saw it.


I use the template above as an start point, but comparing it to the rare color pictures makes me sometimes alter it just a little. Am I wrong? Is the picture correctly colored? When was it taken?

With all you're modeling experience, I think I will like each skin or model you produce.

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As to color... we're all probably seeing the colors differently due to how our monitors are calibrated. I have to sometimes do color matching when I'm painting a (Real Life) aircraft and the light source makes a huge difference. I have a special "daylight" lamp but still get subtle differences when the plane is outside. Counter-intuitively, sunny gives a less correct interpretation than a slightly overcast day. Reflected light from buildings, trees etc changes things also.


For what we do as skinning I think the relative "look" is what's most important. 

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I have a feeling that Heinrich won't get this...

Heinrich, Google the urban dictionary for the word "taint"   :o


That's terrible I have edited it. Sorry


It was tint, but than it showed as wrong and came up with t***t. A check with S3-Translator, showed in Dutch exactly what I was trying to say.

US English is already difficult enough now I have to check another dictionary as well, thank you Vonrd


Okay, I'm dead again, my weekend is gone to smithereens  :D

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Hello...it's your cataracts, folks :D. Everybody has some level of them except children.


Ask somebody who's had them removed, and they'll tell you what white looks like again. They tint everything yellow...


Doc says mine aren't even very bad, but I need a lot more bright light to read, and I don't even feel the need for sunglasses on sunny days much.


And then there's the monitor thing too :)

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