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Upon reviewing the FIF stats from Session A1 and Session A2 of the FIF2019 Winter Campaign, it's come to my attention that a number of pilots from both the Blue Team and Red Team are not waiting the full 5-minutes before hitting refly.


This is a violation of our tournament rules, as that 5-minute wait is supposed to simulate refueling and rearming of aircraft.  Additionally, the 5-minute wait is designed to make the aerial engagements more realistic by preventing air quake scenarios (where pilots instantly take off to aid their team mates who are dogfighting nearby).


All pilots must wait a full 5-minutes before hitting refly!


Here is the exact wording, taken from the Refly Rules (Friendly Territory and No Man's Land) section.




If a pilot has landed at a friendly aerodrome, that player may refly at the discretion of the team commander (CO) after a 5 minute timeout. This timeout starts when a player hits “Finish Flight” and goes to the map room.

If a pilot crashes in friendly territory and survives the event, that pilot may switch to a new aircraft and take off again from his original aerodrome provided that another aircraft is available at the discretion of the CO and after a 5 minute timeout.


If a pilot crashes in No Man's Land and survives the event, he must check his position on the in-game map.  If he is not within enemy territory, that pilot may switch to a new aircraft and take off again from his original aerodrome provided that another aircraft is available at the discretion of the CO and after a 5 minute timeout.


Commanders, please take note of this rule and remind your pilots to wait 5-minutes before reflying.


If I continue to notice violations moving forward, I'll start sending out written warnings to specific pilots.



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Good questions.
Discos are still covered by the 5-minute rule.  If you DISCO, you cannot refly immediately.  You need to wait 5-minutes before taking off again.


Sitting on the field is completely okay.  Your Sortie officially starts at take-off.

If a pilot discos due to a technical issue, they should immediately check in with their team commander (CO) and ask for a rules clarification. If the CO clears the pilot, he may re-enter the server and refly, as if nothing happened. This is true even if the pilot was in enemy territory.

However, while the pilot is now "okay", the aircraft he was flying is lost, and is deducted from his team's existing totals.

Additionally, all pilots returning from a disco still need to take their 5 minute timeout (as if they landed normally).

However, spawning, despawning, and then respawning at the air base is completely fine.  Provided you never move!


Your sortie only starts when you take off, and I can see that in the stats.
For example, your sorites last Saturday (9 February): http://fif.jg1.org/pilot/5855/
You had your Sortie #1, where you spawned, took off and landed, then took off again, then DISCO'd: http://fif.jg1.org/sortie/24473/

You then reconnected to the server over 10 minutes later, and spawned in a D.H.2: http://fif.jg1.org/sortie/24483/

Technically, at this point, you were cleared to fly immediately, since you were well over the 5-minute wait.


However, rather than rolling, you sat on the field for an additional 14 minutes, before despawning: 

09.02.2019 13:51:26 JG1_GenMarkof [Airco D.H.2] was respawned
09.02.2019 14:05:45 JG1_GenMarkof [Airco D.H.2] has finished

You then respawned for your Sortie #2, and took off again: http://fif.jg1.org/sortie/24532/


Despite all of this back and forth, you were never in any violation of the rules, because you respected the 5-minute rule between active sorties.


Hope this helps!

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