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Offset flight timings

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Dear all,


Let me first state that I'm still learning a lot about DCG and I learned quite a bit so far.


I encountered the following issues that I cannot seem to fix. I'm playing the Riga (1941) campaign as a German Bf109 pilot. I use the VP modpack and installed the DCG compatibility fix.


1) The flight timings seem to be offset: When we escort Stukas or Bf110s we circle around the rendezvous point but then leave into enemy territory way ahead of the planes we are tasked to escort (~10 minutes). I can understand that we are supposed to clear the area beforehand as well but this leads to the escorted planes bombing the target on their own, where they are easy targets for fighters while we already go home. All my settings that I can image having an impact on this are set to default.


2) When we went to intercept enemy IL-2s that were targeting our airfield we went to the intercept point well ahead of the enemy without making contact, flew back to base and then let the enemy bombers tear us apart while we were on the ground. I think this also plays into the offset timings issue.


3) In the second mission our Stukas were tasked to bomb enemy armour but in the end they knocked our entire tank column out, which lead to the Soviets penetrating our lines deeply (In the first week of Barbarossa).


Do you see any obvious causes for this weird behavior?


Thank you all!



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1) DCG estimates the flight timings but it's not very accurate given it just looks at distance and cruise speed and doesn't consider how climb impacts it nor the size of the flights and whether they're all taking off at the same time (or starting in the air).  That said, I have recently been working on improving the accuracy although I'm not ready to release a new build yet.


2) Again, similar to above.  Again, I'm hoping my recent tweaks will improve the accuracy of interceptions.


3) I'd like to say it was "friendly fire", but it's likely that the campaign designer (in this case, probably me), set the German armour's final waypoint too close to the Russian final waypoint. 

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Thanks for your answer, awesome to hear you're working on it.

I forgot to report that I experienced those issues using the most recent beta build. 


I reverted back to the official release and allowed planes to start airborne, and so far I couldn't reproduce the issues. 


Concerning the friendly fire issue: Is it possible that the timings may played a role here as well? I'm trying to say that if the German column pushed forward and the Stukas bombing waypoint was set on the position of the Soviet armor, which was by then overrun by the German column, the friendly fire was just the Stulas being to late to the party. I do not know whether AI bombs by waypoints or whether it actively spots and engages hostile units

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