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Bloody April Poll


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Baumer has posted a poll here:




"Harsher death penalties are back.  1 hour death enforced by the server settings, although you may serve as a backseat gunner during the downtime.  The open campaign schedule makes this less impactful and gives pilots more opportunities overall to get in the air."


Still... not a true DID so "no awards for You!"    :lol: 

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Had a look at the post as it stands today. Looks like the sever test will be at 2000 GMT, which is 3:00pm Central US time. If the rest of the missions start around there, that would work really well actually. I'm usually free on Saturdays after 2:30pm, so I might be able to join this one! :)


But yeah...wish it was DiD. I want the Blue Max! :lol:

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