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75 Years Ago


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I visit this site every day: http://ww2today.com/


For me always interesting, sometimes with subjects I never heard of, some horrible and often sad stories of men and women trying to do their task or even beyond that.

Although we are just sim pilots I have compassion with especially the pilots reading their stories, no matter if he's flying a B-17, Mosquito or Bf-109.

By reading it every day you see the war developing. 

For instance I never saw the relation between the events leading to D-Day, I get the impression (which will never be confirmed) that the 24/7 bombing had an extra purposes: to provoke German leadership in reviving the bombing campaign on Britain and exhausting the fighter pilots capacity in their numbers and experience.

Thus causing heavy losses which couldn't be sustained, while the Allies could, and thereby reducing the threat of them for the coming invasion.

Even the slow progress made in Italy seems more a binding of forces than a will to defeat them.



Someone familiar to us: http://ww2today.com/17th-november-1943-luftwaffe-fighter-ace-knoke-meets-reich-marshal-goring


Never knew this: http://ww2today.com/4th-october-1943-uss-ranger-planes-attack-german-ships-in-norway


WARNING: don't start browsing, it will eat up your day.







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I have this already sometime in my head and the subject of today [March 27, 1944] makes me decide that no aircraft nor a vehicle will be carrying a swastika.

Not even the silhouette versions of it.


Yes, I fly like a German, but I have to think about something appropriate to replace it. I hope you can forgive me this.


In line with that was my question if we would fly for the Emperor (being a bad guys unit)

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Never forget the difference between the people and/or culture of a country, and the government of a country.  They are not one and the same.


Many like to portray them that way.  That's very convenient for the purposes of war.


I see the vast difference in our own country, and the trouble that causes.


One thing I know is that the people of the U.S. are good people.  They don't always agree with the actions their government takes.


I think that's true of most countries.  A wise person might see this, but the wise do not rule the world, IMHO.

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I fully agree it's not the soldier, it's the Nazi Party that I detest and that is symbolized by the swastika.

If I couldn't live with flying in a representing German unit I would be flying with you guys (and miss all the fun and camaraderie).

Cruel acts and war crimes were committed by all nations during WWII, perhaps in every war, crimes are committed, mostly in the heat of battle and by individuals.

In the case with the nazi's what counts for me is the systematic way of it. 


Bottom line is I want to fly without the swastika. I hope you all can live with that.

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Of course we can! Nobody here would question the hardships that the Netherlands went through in WWII, and nobody here has any sympathy for the Nazis; the very least of all, the German people.


Not sure if you got that impression somehow, but if so, it's a mistaken impression. The only thing I can think of is that there are some skins that are as close to historically correct as possible, which have that emblem included. These are clearly labeled and of course no skins at all are required for anybody who does not wish to use them.

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I think that maybe Heinrich is talking about the "alternate hakenkruz" that we have on our skins as well as the full swastika:


"Not even the silhouette versions of it."


I also certainly respect his decision to not have any representation of a swastika on any skin he uses but I don't think it is an option in the default skins. I can certainly remove them on his squad skins. 


Would you like me to make some personal skins for you without any representation of swastika Heinrich?

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