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JG1 Racing Team - Dutch G.P. Zaandvoort - Championship Standing


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Third Race:                                 Dutch G.P.   Zaandvoort

Date:                                            March 11, 2019

Number of drivers:                    8

Fastest Lap in Race                   1:22.xxx    Ludwig
Fastest Lap in Qualify               1:23.2xx   Ludwig

Finish order and driver championship points

Place Name  Car Points

1st Gordon Jacobson McLaren   25

2nd Griphos Cooper   18

3rd Fawlty Lotus 49   15

4th JJ Ferrari   12

5th GenMarkov Ferrari   10

6th bostom Brabham  

7th Sandy Cooper  

8th Larry Ludwig Eagle     DNF


1967 Formula 1 Season Points Drivers Championship

Place Name Points

1st Gordon Jacobson   55

2nd  Larry Ludwig   40

3rd Helmut Lipfert   33

4th Griphos   28

5th Fawlty   27

6th Zexe   25

7th GenMarkof   20

8th JJ   12      


Constructors Championship

1st McLaren   67

2nd Ferrari   65

3rd Cooper   53

4th Eagle   40

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