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Campaign test server, testing, discoveries

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~S~ Campaigners

  Ive set up a 2nd server and started running tests! My tests have been on the value of production vs losses and towards gameplay.
"Our" campaign has stabilized...Our production outputs are keeping up with usage and losses! But "outputs" are starting to wayn.
Bottom line, many missions. On the other hand! in a test run, I halved the production output, and without inter action.
It was Blitzkreg, everything popping all over the map, till victory. I also dbl'd the output and ran a campaign.It Stabilized.

 In other words, There is a sweet spot. 2 factors come into this...1st, Any adjustments require a restart of a campaign,
2nd, At some point, testing and campaigning will have meld. All testing will be done on the test server, so the "GS Campaign will be always be intact.

  If everything goes right over the next 2 days,We should have the choice between running Blitzkreg on the test server,and bypassing the campaign mission, or running GS.

  See ya Wednesday

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I vote for whatever will show us what it takes to force tank battle and capture territory. Saving a campaign at this point seems worthless.


Until the dynamics of how it works is known, I see no point in saving prior tests (unless I'm misunderstanding something here).

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OK Von

And agreed...here's the thing, when, and a real reason why.

Saving the campaign is not a problem...its on its own server.

Right now I know a low production, will cause Blitzkrieg. But at what cost? Or how it will effect game play.

In the campaign are we on the edge as production was hit hard.

Testing will require, a re-launch at every "production" rate percentage increase, and the a continuation of missions

once the feel of "Automatic" is gone...is there a threshold, or can "we" get what were looking for?



Working on the sweet spot...but as we saw before and this is problematic...a balance between completely automatic

could be just fun. Or something understandable if possible. And all of this vs. game play time.

Blitzkrieg in my test ran 3 game days that's 15 weeks (1 round a week) with out interactions.



Working on it



 My thought is Wednesday run blitzkrieg!  Its a mission. It will be fun. Because the feel will be enhanced.

With 2 servers, we can test n play or campaign, by using 1 or the other in ether facet.



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