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I f-up big time


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I was tinkering again with Masters and Data files. I started a campaign and I got the minimize window bug. For troubleshooting I (after backing up the modifications) reinstalled DCG and I got the same bug.

I started campaigns that I have never modified and some of them worked, and others gave me the same bug!
I swear I didn't do anything else!



PS: I guess I'll have to check using spaces vs tabs on squadsid later, then




Edit 1: it seems that after some more tinkering, I managed to create a campaign folder, but with no missions. I used DCG to create one mission, but I get a ' " is not a valid integer' error (one that I remember well) AND the program doesn't move beyond Create objects at Front.

What I gathered from the dcgerror file was that there were more "Car Column Info processed." lines than Chiefs. I tried deleting all chiefs and NStationary objects in the master .mis file, but the result was the same,


Edit2: I deleted all NStationary objects. It seems that I can create a mission file if I place only ONE NStationary object.
BTW, the squadron I wanted to add worked perfectly.



Edit3:I managed to fix the issue, copying and pasting the objects again to the master mis file.

HOWEVER, I can't access the campaigns I was already flying. I checked if off-line career and replace dgen options were checked and they were.



Edit4: I used a fix: I backed up the campaigns folders and then created new campaigns. I then deleted the recently created campaigns folders and reestablished the backed up the campaign folders AND I modified the respective campaign.ini files: I deleted all missions except dcgmission.mis



So, I say, mission accomplished. I could deleted this thread, but I want it to remain for posterity, if someone has the same issues.

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