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FiF 2019 Winter Campaign Blue Team victory


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(Click on the picture)


Just kidding   :lol: .


A great and well fought FIF all! Congrats Blue team!

Thanks to all participants. It seems that ROF isn't quite dead yet and it is gratifying to have this event to look forward to.

Especial thanks to Butzzell for the map-making,

The Commanders for giving us leadership,

And our CO Klaiber for all the work he does without even being able to participate. 

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Many thanks to all, and to the organizers of the event, and our opponents in the virtual sky. In the end, it’s not so important who won, much more important is that we all did it! !


I've put a couple of records here, maybe someone will be interested to see.https://riseofflight.com/forum/topic/53324-fif-2019-winter-campaign/?p=702720

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