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Campaign Moxy notes

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~S~ Gents!
A good decision, that we restarted the campaign, with an updated version of the map, and some new perimeters
towards game play. Our 1st mission had an invasion, and the war is rollin.
Hopefully, it keep rolling, into a Blitzkrieg! I think thats the direction the campaign will head toward LOL.

Testing and the 2nd server...I need a little help. I lowered the "Hanger" destruction values, and their on
the campaign mission "we" flew in your game. JG1DynCampaign_1...
Also I razed the values, on the oil tanks at the factories.
 If someone can drop some bombs or fire some bullets on these objects and test that would be great?

2nd server: Im setting up what were flying currently up on the primary server. IE stats, intel etc.
We will continue with these current values, and of course "we" are flying war, and the flying is good!
 The test server, we will use to tweak whatever anomalies we find or can change.

  One of the things that is most frustrating, is... most changes can not be made on the fly. Therefore in order to "launch" a
full "real" competition, the map/campaign, must be solid and gameplay adaptable, if an anomaly is found during a competition.

 We are close to seceding! But we have some things to get solid

A list of WiP's

Object Destructibility.."If you can kill it it works" But how you have to kill it effects the game play!
And therefore template/world design can be a possible adaption.

Aircraft statics: Have lowered some numbers for tests. Substitution of model will work. And can set
AC in nets as a type. IE bombers are in nets fighters "open".

Aircraft availability: Production and a configuration, set the availability. Number of players determines
the usage. Need to check Discord stats as missions progress.Everyone fly's!, But planes need to be precious

Production: Their are so many things effected by the factories output, and includes how long the war will run.
Theirs a sweet spot...I think in a few sessions, "we'll" get a "feel" on the current settings.

Something to consider.. a sessions, mission, weather its time length is long or short. The "mission" will be the same!
In a short mission, the convoys will just come up faster,(not travel faster) pending the limit allowed by the conf.
 So in order to expedite campaign map finalizing, we could run 2 mission a night! We've done this in the past...But
it really means less sortie time per  mission.

See you Wednesday

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I wasn't sure if this is what you were asking but I flew "JG1DynCampaign_1" from last week that was in my Dogfight folder on my "server".



Hangars... takes 4 direct hits with 50k bombs or one direct hit with 250k to kill. Near misses don't do much of anything... they have to be direct hits.


Static planes, both IL2 and PE2... still invulnerable to gun / cannon (20mm) fire. A 50k bomb will kill.



Oil Tanks... invulnerable to both gun / cannon (20mm) fire and 50k bombs (I gave up on 50k after 6 direct hits). A single 250k direct hit will kill it... again, near misses have no affect.

Buildings... 50k bombs have no affect. Small bldg - one direct 250k bomb drops it. Lg bldgs take two 250k direct bombs.

Bunkers (Road Tits) take two 250k directs (and it's difficult to tell visually when they're dead... damage model graphics for these especially suck) again, 50ks have no affect.


Also... I didn't see any tanks in the tank park at Peskovatka.



As for doing 2 missions... the 15 min load time between missions may be too much for some and we will probably lose some pilots. My 2 pence.


Also...if possible (I don't know if it's a Coconut thing)... PLEASE... no force 5 gale!  :o I wouldn't mind the challenge in a real tourny but it makes it really hard to hit ground targets. I think that's why our bombing really sucked last week. I noticed it tonight and tried to make approaches into and following the wind. Still difficult. Luckily, I had unlimited ammo on.

We need to maximize our results for testing. 



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Thanks for the intel!

Adjustments can be made and tested.


Weather, Cant control much. Auto generated. But...

can find a clam weather at test launch's. After that its on it own.


Static AC...no settings, have to do a substitution.



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