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4.14m doesn't like DCG???


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Might just be local to me, idk, but I cannot get IL2 1946 4.14m to start after I select "Replace Career Generator (Dgen)". I tried it with both il2dcg349beta30 and il2dcg349beta29. The game fails to start. No error message, no black screen - just it doesn't start up whatsoever. If I uncheck the "replace career generator" button, restoring the original dgen, it does not fix the problem. Not sure what is going on. And yes, 4.14 was working fine prior to linking DCG to it. Confused (???).


(oh, btw Paul, your download link on your blogspot page links official 3.49 to the older 3.48)

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Well i don't know what's going on - it makes no sense to me(????). I guess you got it working fine for you (I see on another thread)? 4.14m works fine for me, but as soon as I do anything DCG related, it decides (the base 4.14 game) not to run afterward - and I can't seem to repair whatever it was that prevented it from starting up (resetting back to normal DGen, looking for anything that changed, even deleting dcg config found in 4.14 directory).



(In the mean time while I try to sort out what on earth could be happening, I discovered the YPack for 4.13.4m (never knew post 4.12 could be modded) and am fiddling with that (great pack) and DCG seems to work fine with it (at least unmodded campaigns so far).

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Okay, it appears 4.14m doesn't like DCG replacing DGEN.  And it even doesn't like the DGEN_BAK.EXE sitting in the game folder even after unchecking the option to replace DGEN with DCG (where it automatically copies DGEN back over the DCG imposter).  I got around this by deleting DGEN.EXE, starting IL2 and then clicking replace DGEN with DCG.


It'll work, but you'll have to do this every time you start IL2.

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Hey, thanks for solving this! :) - kinda a nuisance work around (thanks team Daidalous  :(  ) - anyway, I am much more excited with YPack 4.13.4 than I am with this new 4.14 so I am probably gunna stick with that. But it is nice to know that DCG can be made to work with 4.14. All the best, Paul :)

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Yeah, think I'm just gonna stick with 4.13 for now.  At least until some "reforms" occur in 4.14.


First time I've ever backed off an IL-2 update since the very first version of the game way back when, before it even had DGen at all.


Some great new content, esp the new maps, atmosphere, and of course the new flyables, but it is unnecessarily oppressive when it comes allowing third party stuff.  Not worth the trouble.

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Good day Gentelnes ... 


 can i ask  you a  little help ..  

Need check DCG    with 4.14.1 version  ...


here you can take  latest build of 4.14.1  Hot fix .. 


https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UuRQYwDxFbTYurm3fVg3zRYy969krB7K   from 4.14 to 4.14.1 


and here you can take rebuild of 4.14   with reworked and fixed  instalation without any unreasonable actions ...  on  that version all  3rd party  Apps  must work  as in previous version ...


https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XNDchp10yQQOev8o7W298JX4dLNv5NHt   exe

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TPtZntudBulPdEvLMbOCm9HOvyBjGR1h   body of patch 


 i try  instalation few time ... and  have all files  on places ...   exe .. dll ...mat manager... etc...   but  i can't check how poperly work DCG with  4.14.1 


i hope you can help me  :unsure:

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