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DCG editor is able to fix - how do I hard wire the fix?


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Apologies as this isn't specifically connected with DCG (but partially related) - but I figured I would ask here because I am sure someone knows.

My issue is with Lonestar's DCG Solomon's campaign (both stock and modded have the same issue). The problem is that the New Zealand P-40's are spawning on the Japanese airbases - and bad things are happening, lol. I sleuthed it out and discovered the campaign was trying to set 15FSquadron, but a 15FSquadron did not exist in the squadids (though did in the [Wing] section of the .mis files ). I was able to correct the issue after generating the first mission by using the squadron editor with DCG and setting the 15FSquadron to 14FSquadron (which did exist in squadids) and choosing a proper Allied airfield for it.


However, I am wanting to change the actual campaign files so if I play at a later time down the road, I don't encounter the error and don't need to use DCG squad editor. I tried some editing with notepad of some of the campaign files, but the best I could manage was to get a New Zealand squad operating at an allied base but flying Yak's - so I am clearly missing something. Does anyone know what specific files will need to be changed in the campaign to facilitate the fix permanently? DCG squad editor seemed to know, but I want to know what it did.


Appreciate any help. :)

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Thank you - that was the easier fix and things seem to be okay. :) I was trying to change campaign config's to the 14F squad and I clearly missed something resulting in the Yak's being flown, lol. Simple and easy was just adjusting the squadsid for the campaign to include 15F squad - idk why I tried the more difficult route. Thanks for pointing out the simple fix. :)


(...now onward as to sort out how to add the earlier P-38's to DCG and the campaigns ...wish me luck, I will probably need it! )

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