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DCS VR Improvements down the road

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Hey everyone,
Earlier we mentioned that we have been working on DCS VR optimization. I have good news today! After much investigation and work, we traced the issue back to the terrain engine. We have since adjusted the terrain engine, and this has resulted in a 50% increase in VR performance! We will continue to test and optimize this further, but we hope to have this great improvement to you soon.

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Stumbled on this post referencing what to turn off in Oculus home and Nvidia control panel, letting DCS run all the applications.  Not sure if this has been discovered by you, it was news to me:






Ah but in oculus home you can turn off essentially Anti Aliasing it the settings actually in oculus home not the 2D interface.
And in Nvidia .control panel there are settings that you can define as application controlled.
First one sett the 3D with preview to let application decide. 
Then manage 3D settings
Set most everything to off or application controlled.
MFAA off
Just see what works and what uses GPU but doesn't really do anything.

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So far for me, turning all  the shadows off is the biggest difference.  I can set the textures, terrain, water, and visibility range to high and not see any real drop in FPS.  Shadows is immediate.


I saw somewhere for DCS a list of things they want to accomplish one being clicking the radio GUI in VR so we don't have to use Voice attack or fumble around for the function keys.


Another was making in cockpit shadows a separate setting. That would be big for me I could care less about terrain shadows. The glare in the cockpit without shadows on is brutal.

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