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DCS VR Improvements down the road


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Hey everyone,
Earlier we mentioned that we have been working on DCS VR optimization. I have good news today! After much investigation and work, we traced the issue back to the terrain engine. We have since adjusted the terrain engine, and this has resulted in a 50% increase in VR performance! We will continue to test and optimize this further, but we hope to have this great improvement to you soon.
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Stumbled on this post referencing what to turn off in Oculus home and Nvidia control panel, letting DCS run all the applications.  Not sure if this has been discovered by you, it was news to me:






Ah but in oculus home you can turn off essentially Anti Aliasing it the settings actually in oculus home not the 2D interface.
And in Nvidia .control panel there are settings that you can define as application controlled.
First one sett the 3D with preview to let application decide. 
Then manage 3D settings
Set most everything to off or application controlled.
MFAA off
Just see what works and what uses GPU but doesn't really do anything.
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So far for me, turning all  the shadows off is the biggest difference.  I can set the textures, terrain, water, and visibility range to high and not see any real drop in FPS.  Shadows is immediate.


I saw somewhere for DCS a list of things they want to accomplish one being clicking the radio GUI in VR so we don't have to use Voice attack or fumble around for the function keys.


Another was making in cockpit shadows a separate setting. That would be big for me I could care less about terrain shadows. The glare in the cockpit without shadows on is brutal.

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  • 5 months later...

To start when I test VR FPS. I have a couple custom built stuff such as 2 Mig-15 versus 2 F-86 over open water.  Not a lot of stress there so its more of what can I do to get it close to max FPS.  The other test I use is Instant Action free flight usually the F-18C or Mig-21 with radar off.

I've been running across some guys using programs to kill unwanted background tasks, Free up RAM and forcing single threading.  Anyone tried this?


One of those guys had a tip that was easier and I went from 45 FPS in the Hornet free flight to 60 FPS.


Changing the default FOV from 140 to 120.


Its in the Server.lua file located here   DCSWorld\Config\View


Change this

CameraViewAngleLimits  = {20.000000,140.000000},

to this

CameraViewAngleLimits  = {20.000000,120.000000},

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  • 4 months later...

I did his other tips. Nividia settings and setting full screen in properties.  The rest I had all ready done in the past.


I'm holding 60 FPS in most aircraft. Even he Mig-21 with radar on seems pretty good.  The Mig-19 is an improvement but is still not where the rest are.  Also the F-16 on desert maps seems to take a hit in FPS.  Where as the Hornet I use to have problems over Dubai now I hold 60 FPS.  This was all done with reasonable settings and no shaders on free flight quick missions.

I use the Index and in the menu screen I get 120 FPS I just don't get past 60 often. Wish I could do that.  

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Some interesting tipps... I would have expected more of a performance gain by this mod, but if you're already tested and don't see any advantage by the mod, I could gladly skip the mod stuff. In one way or another, mods in DCS always gave me more worries than less.

Didn´t come to practice flying very much in the last months, but as still being off from home for over a week now, I seriously start missing flying and the practice sessions.

Youtube Videos of DCS Mig21 help a bit to avoid hard withdrawal symptoms.

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Yesterday, I´ve set up a few of the other tipps mentioned in the video, but with questionable results.

Setting MSAA up in the Nvidia driver had not nearly the same positive effect in visual quality than setting MSAA 2x in DCS - I would assume, that deactivating MSAA in DCS lead to most of the performance improvement noted in the video.   

Beside this I have experienced several black screens, in which the VR headset doen´t receive any more signals after adjusting the settings in accordance to the tips in the video - I could only guess, that the black screens in VR resulted of modifying the DCS.exe and run.exe to not allow the optimization for full screen ( DCS.exe -->properties ). Before the modification in the DCS.exe I had never experienced the symptom of black screens in VR before.



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Did not set it back yet, but will do next time and test in the simpit. It´s very likely that it depends on the hardware/software in use. I´m running a Pimax5k+ newest Pitool (beta), SteamVR.

Will report back after I had the chance to revise the settings.

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@Britchot just undone the settings for the DCS.exe and Run.exe and took the exact flight on your server, we did yesterday. After a while the same black screen appeared again....

So the VR optimization settings could be excluded as a source of the issue.

Guess it has to do with the new Pitool beta I had installed shortly before I left home for some days. I´m pretty sure now my issue has to do with Pitool. Need to investigate more...

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