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I did a workaround for IL2 not starting with DCG DGen.exe


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I refused to abandon 4.14, but I also refused to abandon DCG, so this is what you have to do



1. Open the folder in which you have 4.14 installed
2. Rename the stock dgen to something like dgen_stock._exe. For your game to start IT MUST NOT HAVE THE .EXE EXTENSION.

3. Open DCG and go to 'Replace stock dgen', so the DCG DGen appears in your folder

4. Create a new text file with notepad in the folder in which you have 4.14 installed. Copy and paste this

Ren "dgen.exe" "dgen._exe"
timeout /t 1 /nobreak
start il2fb.exe
timeout /t 8 /nobreak
Ren "dgen._exe" "dgen.exe"

The fourth line, timeout /t 8 /nobreak says that the system has to wait 8 seconds before continuing. This is so il2fb.exe has enough time to start up (not load, just start up). If you need more start up time, change the 8 to a greater number.


5. Save your file as whatever name you want, but with a .bat extension

6. From now and forever, you'll have to open this bat file. You can create a shorcut to desktop if you want.

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Imo it should never have been necessary though.




 Tottaly  agree ...   it wasn't necessary  at all ... it was huge mistake and  unreasoned decision with chain of unpleasant consequences .. and we  already  week work on it to fixed ..


one more time   i must appologize for that before  you Guys and espesiali before of  Author of   DCG ((

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