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campaign ground unit limits

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I have noticed in all the stock campaigns ground limit numbers and chief numbers are low. is this to speed up the game? What is a realistic number of ground units and chiefs that wont bog down the game?


for example, in New Guinea 43 there are only 12 columns:

0_Chief Armor.2-MatildaMkII_AU 1 @Buna $4-MatildaMkII_AU_0 ~C
1_Chief Armor.4-HaGo 2 @Blank $4-HaGo_1 ~X
2_Chief Armor.4-HaGo 2 @Blank $4-HaGo_2 ~X
3_Chief Vehicles.USACarsColumnA 1 @Schwimmer_Airfield $USACarsColumnA_3 ~A
4_Chief Vehicles.JapanCarsColumnB 2 @Buna $JapanCarsColumnB_4 ~C
5_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Coral_Sea $Tramp_5 ~A
6_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Coral_Sea $Tramp_6 ~A
7_Chief Ships.Tramp 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X
8_Chief Ships.Tramp 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X
9_Chief Ships.Tramp 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X
10_Chief Ships.Tramp 1 @Coral_Sea $Tramp_10 ~A
11_Chief Ships.IJNAkizukiDD42 2 @Blank $Sunk ~X
12_Chief Ships.USSWardDD139 1 @Coral_Sea $USS Ward ~A
and (off topic) I could have sworn I saw Paul post in the old forum "dont have Maltildas against Japanese forces because they cant be defeated"  If so, why are they still in the standard campaign file?
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Most of the campaigns are over 10 years old when computers hadn't as much computing power.  Now, I'm sure they could handle many more objects.  But even with more objects, the campaigns would have to be redesigned with more road routes (and maybe off road routes), otherwise the columns and ships would just bunch up. 


The Matildas are deliberately in the New Guinea file so that the Japanese will eventually lose the campaign (unless their dive bombers can keep taking them out).

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