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[DCG 3.50Beta2] - Flight and Plane not correct :(

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   THIS IS NOT a DCG bug but something related with my BAT 3.6.1 installation that is making me mad.


Everytime I created a campaign (or a Optional 3rd party...) in the first mission created the briefing text is correct but the Flight and Plane selected by default are not correct.

Per example...a newGerman Lvov41 campaign. The briefing shows the correct plane: BF-109 but the Flight and Squadron shows and incorrect one.

NOTE: If I try to select the correct flight, when I click "Start" everything goes mad :)


NOTE: When I try to reproduce the error, I get different Flights and Planes.


NOTE: I have tried with DCG v3.49 and DCG 3.50Beta 2


I know that this is something from my installation...but have you got any clue?

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Paul, we discussed the matter at another forum, as arquillos was trying to start a campaign designed by me. 


There is in the DGEN squadronsxxx file:




And in the squadids.dcg:


I_JG1                   I./JG 1



Yet when he selects the squadron, a line appears in dcgerror.txt when the campaign is created:


No entry found for Player Squadron in the squadids.dcg file. 



Everything works fine on my end and I have not received any reports of this happening to anyone else. 


Also. from the dcgerror.txt:


The aircraft assigned to 2H_12a0 is not present in the class file. A substitution has been made.


Needless to say,  the aircraft assigned to 2H_12a0 is present in the class file and is working in my installation... 



He said the same thing also happened when trying to start stock Lvov41 campaign :o



I have no idea what is happening. Perhaps uninstalling and reinstalling DCG might help?

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Is the aircraft assigned to the squadron in the class.dcg file?  If so, is the aircraft denoted as AI-only?  If not, is there a skin folder for that aircraft?  If so, does the name match the name in the class.dcg file?  If so, does the multiplayer id, match the folder name?  If not, does the id appear in the staticplanes.dcg file?

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Thank you Lowengrin and Shakaali!


It Works now!!!!


Finally, after much investigation, I came to this conclusions:

1.- IL-2 DGEN folder has never been modified nor updated by IL-2 official pathces (from 4.08m+) or by B.A.T. installation.

   dgen folder size: 41.226.609 bytes

2.- IL-2 dgen.exe too.

   dgen.exe size: 1.396.736 bytes, v4.0.0.9 (2004)


So I deleted the folder and the executable and "reinstalled" the original ones.


After that everything works as expected (tried with the BoF campaign).


I suposse that I had a DGEN folder mixed up with any other campaign/test or whatever...I don´t think it was related to the "exe" file...but who knows. Changing both of them made it works again.


Thank you again!


Lowengrin keep up with this incredible add-on :)

Shakaali keep up with your DCG campaigns :)

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