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FiF 2019 Spring campaign


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S! All


Spring time!


Sweet smells in the air. Tulips everywhere. Planes falling in flames.


We have moved to the Verdun-St.Mihiel region. This is an East-West map that we have used before. Changes are Spring landscape instead of Autumn and a few of the airfields were moved to better sites.The two southern airfields on the Central side are not regular airfields. You have to be careful of the bumps. The plane set is 1917 progressing to 1918. 


A practice map is up on the JG1 server. Mission start time is 11:00 on the in game clock. If you get on the server and want to restart the mission there are balloons at the two seater bases. Kill the balloon and the mission will end and restart. Pilots who will be flying two seater missions should practice take off and landing at the two southern Central bases.


There will be a dry run on Saturday, 4, May, 2019  at the usual time. Hostilities begin on Saturday 11, May,2019.


Info on plane set, maps and weapon mods can be found in the FiF info section.

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S! All


Dry Run complete. 




1 target labeled incorrectly - maps are being updated


1 subtitle misspelled


Trench attack points are close to the front. Be careful and do not fly over the mud. You can activate the flak fence.


Planes seen flying low over the Mud. They were lucky. Flak fence was checked and is working. Just ask JG1_Vonrd_J10. he has the tombstone to prove it.


Planes not returned to service. New airfields were used. Ground crews now returning planes to service.




Hostilities begin for real on Saturday 11, May, 2019 at the usual time. 2 pm Eastern Daylight Savings time New York City.

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