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A fantastic novel covering WW1 aviation, politics, leadership and personalities


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This is an outstanding book that tells the story of The Great War from the perspectives of such persons as Richthofen, Pershing, a British Tommy, French generals and the 2nd AEF Division Marines at Belleau Wood.  Enjoy!  

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Yes, very good books and well researched. The WWII books are also excellent. His father Michael Sharra has also written some excellent historical novels. "The Killer Angels" is an excellent Civil war novel. 


Recently I've been reading Max Hennessy's RAF Trilogy. They're entertaining and all of his historical references are correct but a bit... over emphasis on the Brit class system (though for the time period, probably correct). And, of course the love interests have to be a part   :rolleyes:

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I ordered it....seems like a great price.  Wish I had had this when I was on vacation in Florida.  Instead, I re-read Winged Victory by V.M. Yeates....an outstanding read.


Bit confused on the format of this new book, though.  Says it's a novel which implies fiction; yet it mentions real historical people, so that implies factual stories.  Which is it?

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