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A number of questions from a newbie

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I've recently started playing a custom Battle of France DCG/online campaign using a bunch of mods (after a very long and tedious set-up which I finally got right!) and I have a few questions which I couldn't find answers to that I hope you don't mind answering.


1. There are a large number of airfields on the map (Westfront 1940 custom map) which aren't controlled by either side and are far from the frontline. I want to transfer squadrons to these airfields, but they aren't even available in the Squadron Editor panel. Is there something more I need to do to allow squadrons at these airfields? I ask this because the "occupied" airfields are as far from the front as possible to the point that it takes 45 minutes-1 hour in a Hurricane/D.520 just to actually fly to the front since the map is rather large.


2. Half of our squadrons every mission end up just flying a patrol mission over one single car convoy, to the point that we have like 40 planes patrolling over 10 cars while meanwhile the German planes are constantly attacking our units at the front and bombing us at will. Is there any way to get our squadrons to go do something more useful, or fly nearer the front? I'd prefer it even if our flights and/or enemy flights spawned in the air closer to the target so I don't have to fly for an hour before anything happens. I'm afraid to lower the Action Radius (currently 200KM, the distance from the front to the farthest occupied airfield) in fear that we might start having missions where nobody goes near the front.


3. I frequently see our bombers fly unescorted to the opposite side of the map, deep into enemy territory, to bomb a factory or something. This might relate to the question above, but is it possible to get our fighters to actually escort the bombers or have the bombers attack something more immediately useful? There are definitely German tanks and trucks to bomb right at the front.


4. My last mission had my squadron of D.520s escorting some bombers (for once). However as soon as my flight got airborne, we completely lost track of the rest of the squadron and never came anywhere near any bombers. I'm just wondering why this may be?


5. I get a huge, HUGE amount of lag (2-3 FPS) on mission start, but after about 5-10 minutes, my framerate is back up. Any idea why this might be? I have squadron density set to "Moderate" and ground units both set to "Full", though reducing it doesn't seem to fix it. I don't have this issue on any other mission, soley ones generated during this BOF campaign...I understand that there are a lot of ground objects/statics in thie campaign, could it be that the engine is overloaded?


6. Sometimes when I play online with another player (I typically play solo, just use DCG in online mode so I can select any squadron and continue even if I die), we'll play fine for a few minutes and suddenly both our games start lagging heavily to the point that it's unplayable. This doesn't seem to happen in any mission except DCG-generated ones - for instance, the Tobruk 41 campaign. Does anyone know why this might be happening?


7. Finally, is there any way to make more than one point on the map the "front"? I'd like to see more than one location actually being attacked at a time, especially since it appears there are more than enough units present at the "front" to be participating in multiple battles rather than having every single unit on both sides concentrated at one tiny village. Instead of having 8 or so seperate units at 1 location, I'd rather have 1-2 units at 4 different locations so as to more realistically simulate the long front in Belgium.


Sorry for all the questions and the wall-of-text post, but I wanted to try and get them all in there before I forgot anything. Any help is greatly appreciated!


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I may only have a clue for #1.
My guess is that you should add airfields to the corresponding .rds file. And then, you could add those to the airfields.dcg file. If I remember correctly, airfields.dcg adds take-off waypoints to your airfield, but I can't actually remember.

For #2 what I ended up doing was replacing the 1 car convoys for stationary objects. I placed them in places that I remembered they were always attacked. Maybe you could add them In strategical points in which you know the front will be.

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To continue where Fhechene left off, #3, bombers will target based on the richness of the target...unless they're designated dive-bombers and then they're more likely to go after tanks/columns.  Also, escort changes are a bit reduced for the French compared to their British allies and the Germans.


#4. The success of a rendezvous between bombers and escorts is dependent on a number of factors including the distance between their airfields and the location of the target in relation to those airfields.  In addition, the accuracy of the cruise speeds for them in the class.dcg file, and whether the options for air starts and/or delayed start times and the number of flights/squadron will effect the likelihood of a rendezvous happening.


#5.  Lag is bad at the start as, if I understand correctly, all the objects and skins are loading into virtual memory.  The more unique planes and paint schemes in your mission, the worst it will be.


#6.  DCG (compared to DGEN/NGEN) has a lot more going on in the mission files.  This could be why.


#7.  There can be multiple contested locations (which behave exactly like the one "front" location).  The front location is only defined to determine the action radius from.  If all your units are bottle-necking at one point, it must be the way the road network is designed.


Hope this helps clarify some things.  :)

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