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ROF issue


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I found strange feature yeasterday while flying RoF. My monitor went to sleep while fan on graphic card turned like mad after about 20 minutes of flight. Rest of PC worked OK, for what I can say I could hear and speak via TS like nothing happends. Seems this is just RoF issue since I played BoS the other day for about one and half hour and experienced no problems. First I thought there could be a problem with RoF installation. I'm unable to start setting.exe file once I updated the game. But this acts the same way even though I reinstalled the RoF from scratch. I never had such experience running the RoF under the Windows 7.


I would be happy for any help.


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Sounds pretty much like the issue I have with my GPU, see:




...the connection to windows 10 I never saw so far, but as you are suffering this only now with your new systems it seems obvious that there is one. Only solution for me was to turn graphic settings in RoF down, esp. the post effect super sampling seems to have a high impact. In the last posting of this thread you find the graphic settings I play the RoF torunaments at the moment without any issue so far....

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