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Some Exciting news ( :))

Register for a Race

This has been implemented on JG1RT Primary.



  • Added a Championship Sign Up form. When configuring a Championship, you can now enable 'Sign Up Form'. This creates a public

    registration form where anybody can sign up to be added to a Championship. This has the following options:

  • Require admin approval for applications - Every sign up request must be approved by an administrator before

    they are added to the EntryList.

  • Ask users for Email - you can request that users enter their email address so you can contact them
  • Ask users for Team - enable a 'Team' field to be filled out by registrants (this is optional though)
  • Let users choose car and skin - On by default, users can pick their car and skin. If turned off, an administrator

    will have to configure the car and skin in the EntryList once the driver is accepted.

  • Extra Questions - ask registrants to fill out questions that you specify, e.g. Discord username, Twitter handle,

    number of races completed, etc.

Championship Sign Up requests can be viewed by Write Access users and Approved or Rejected in a new page.

This new page also allows Write Access users to email groups of registrants, and download a Comma Separated Values

list of the registration requests (to be used in spreadsheets etc.)


We hope that this functionality improves the management of large events for Server Owners! Please get in touch if

you run large events and let us know how it goes!

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