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Forum upgrade imminent


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The jg1.org forums will be updated this weekend, 18 May through 20 May 2019.


People should expect some slight forum instability and inaccessibility during late Sunday / early Monday (EDT).


Everyone can continue to message and chat up until that point.  However, there may be some posts lost as we close in on that time frame.


After the update takes place, there will be some quality control needed, and that may keep the forums down until Monday night.  


However, things should return soon after.


Let me know if anyone has any questions.

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S! All,

Some notes on the upgrade:

  1. We seem to have lost our display names.  Our usernames (the ones we login with) are now displaying.  Not sure how to fix this.
  2. Some special characters in your username, or in posts, may have become jumbled in the update.  Let me know if anyone has problems they can't fix.
  3. If you can't access your accounts (due to password problems) request a replacement password from the forums.  Once you sign in, you can change the password back again.
  4. Also, our forum sigs appear to have been stripped off our profiles.
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Gustavo found this information regarding usernames and display names within the current version of IP.Board:


Earlier versions of IP.Board allowed users to specify a username that can be used to log in and a separate display name to be shown on posts. The latest version only allows one or the other. In the latest versions, you can log in with an email address.

As a result, I'm going to go through and update everyone's usernames.  I will individually contact everyone's account I touch.  This way, no one will lose access.

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Login to the forums has been changed to email address.  This way, I can mess with your usernames and still give you full access.

If someone has problems logging in, let me know.

You can do that by emailing me.  Or hitting Report Post above (which should work even if you're not logged in).


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