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Request for a debug feature


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As you know, I'm always making my DCG installations unplayable. This time has been no different. I have no idea what I did, but I can't start campaigns anymore, with the '    " is not a valid number     ' or integer or whatever error. Now, would it be possible for the program to say instead

'    " is not a valid number     Last file read is bleh, at bluh line'

or something like that?

At least name the file, so I can know if it's the master.mis file or one of the .dcg files or .rds or whatever what I screwed up.


Edit: This is diferent from the dcgerror file. In my case, my dcgerror looks like this

[2019/05/26 00:57:03.589] Parameter String0 = D:\steam\steamapps\common\IL 2 Sturmovik 1946\IL2 DGC 349\il2dcg.exe
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.593] DCG.ini processed.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.601] Loaded messages processed.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.605] DCG is active.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.611] Game version checked [1946].
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.615] Game version includes IL2AEP [True].
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.618] Game version successfully set up.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.629] Mission Button Enabled.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.634] Player Name Checked.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.738] Universal Paints Initialized.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.744] Description Determined.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.748] No Campaign selected.
[2019/05/26 00:57:03.844] Form Create Complete
[2019/05/26 00:57:22.459] No campaign active.
[2019/05/26 00:57:25.75] No campaign active.

so no record of the error I had.

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