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JG I "Richthofen" - FIF2019 "Spring Campaign" Session A4 (1 June 2019)

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S! All,

The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Session A4 of Flanders In Flames 2019 "Spring Campaign" (flown on 1 June 2019).


. . .

Knights Cross of the Württemberg Military Merit Order

  • Oblt. Richard (Vonrd) Ausweichen, Jasta 10 (session #A4, 1 June 2019), prisoner-of-war, for bravery and exceptionally meritorious deeds in combat [for esprit de corps, and an amazing streak - 29 ground victories and 3 wounded-in-actions, over 7 sorties. This is the second highest merit award in JG I Richthofen.]


German Army Report

  • OffzSt. Dudley von Flederwurst, Jasta 4  (session #A4, 1 June 2019), posthumously, for gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service. [good streak - 6 ground victories, over 2 sorties.]

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Wow... thank you!

I just saw this... for some reason the "unread content" button isn't bringing up everything like it used to in the old forum.

@ Klai: I looked at the awards spreadsheet [link] to find the explanation for "Merit" awards but didn't see it. Can you give us some background?

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Within Richthofen's private SOP section, you can find the award descriptions.  There, the Knights Cross of the Württemberg Military Merit Order (Ritterkreuz des Württemberg Militärverdienstorden) is given for bravery and exceptionally meritorious deeds in combat.

But I'm assuming you're looking specifically for why you were awarded it.  Beyond your streak numbers and "esprit de corps". :)  I award Meritorious Decorations (in general) for outstanding service and effort.  The lowest award of Merit (the ubiquitous "German Army Report") can be awarded multiple times and is my way of saying "good job".  I often award them for good and great streaks that ended too soon.

The higher merit awards can only be awarded once, and they're for more important acts that bring honor to the squadron and benefit the group as a whole.  The highest merit award we currently have (the Saxe-Ernestine House Order 1st Class with Swords) has never been given out.  I'm saving it.  When I do give it out, I'll create another award above it, so as to always have something just out of reach.

Either way, when someone does something that brings pride and fellowship to the squadron, I want to recognize it and share that with the community.

In this case, you had an amazing streak where you won the Blue Max as a bomber pilot.  Even though you downplayed your accomplishments last week by claiming an "unfair advantage", what you did was extremely hard!  You join an elite group of pilots within the squadron, each with their own itchy throat.  Yes, it's slower going for recon pilots to get enough ground victories to earn the Max, but I'd argue that they avoid flak better than bomber pilots.  So it evens out.

And while you were already recognized for your 20 victories with the Blue Max, and fell short of getting the Red Eagle, your streak was an inspiration to others.  You elevated the comradery of those flying alongside you.  They rallied tighter to your side to protect you.  And they felt accomplishment when you felt accomplishment.  I can't ask for anything more than that.  That's at the heart of why our predecessors formed JG1 and why we each joined it.


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Yow! In that case I am honored and humbled to accept from my cell in prison. 

BTW, the Brits only have watered down tea and ... Mein Gott!... Warm Bier!

Once this war is over and I get back, I will gladly buy numerous rounds of proper Deutsche bier for all!  


The above may sound a bit flippant... I can't resist my form of humor.

Rest assured that I am Truly honored.

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