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No Allied column moves forward=> Oil question


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So, since like 2-3 campaigns days the Allied columns don't move forward. Tailspin document says that this happens because Allies have no Wagon8 objects, which means they don't have in map oil, just off map oil. So, my question is, is oil still linked to only Wagon8 objects? Does having oil or cargo trucks count for oil?


So, I could just add some Wagon8 Allied objects in the stationary.dcg file if I just wanted Allied columns to move forward, right?



Edit: I've answered my own question
Yes, only Wagon8 work for the oil system. And yes, If I add some wagon8 objects, the columns move forward.

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I hate to necrothread, but given that this is still on the first page, I think it's adequate.

So, the other day I had something similar happen in an IwoJima campaign. Allied convoys landed at IwoJima and obliterated Japanese resistance. Still, they wouldn't move forward, even if I set 100% fuel supply in DCG. This happened for a few mission days, so I just used DCG to capture Japanese base and moved forward

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As I have artificially moved on, I can't see the troop count. However, I saw this thread that has a really similar problem, if not the same


The workaround in this case was removing the resupply vehicle convoy via time table.

It does seem weird that even when the Allies blew up everything in the island, the Axis troop count didn't fall down enough for the Allies to keep going.

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The enemy troop count will drop mission after mission depending on the number of columns opposite it.  Of course, if they're getting a resupply column (as in the case above), that will reinforce them so it might take awhile.

The best thing to do in this case is drop the maximum number of troop factors all locations can have.

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