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Microsoft Flight Simulator Back.

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Got it, took about 2 hours for the install and control set up.  Did a night flight from KMKE to KJVL in the Bonanza.  The visuals are stunning.  Very impressed overall

Hour 56 of the download.  Food supplies are almost depleted, fresh water is scarce, and the natives are getting restless.  Send help.   I'm looking forward to seeing how the game handles the

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2 hours ago, Yogi said:

There are a cpl available. Most require you to own a Wacom tablet. The VRK one seems to be the most stable 


I considered getting the Wacom tablet for that specific reason.  In DCS, I'd like to take notes.  However, with MSFS, it's more about the flight application I have for manned flight. 

You could use some other programs to get the iPad to show up in VR.  It's a repeater for the iPad to computer (Squirrel 3) and another one to project the window in VR (DailyVR).  I've used them before to read Chuck's Guides on my iPad while learning a new plane.  

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I must say, I am impressed how easy and comfortable VR solutions can be (I am looking at you DCS). The performance of the Flight Simulator is also quite impressive for its looks. For now I have only tried the DV20, which unfortunately is currenlty broken and the DR400, which I really enjoy, despite the low power variant. I was also impressed with the auto generated environment. My home field has all its buildings and stuff in the right place, even the gas pump. The parking position I randomly chose was pretty much the position I usually start the aircraft from. That of course also helps the immersion. Of course, my first trip went to my home, again very easy to spot. Actually the whole landscape is close enough to reality, that I never looked at a map and still had no problem doing that 30 min trip to my home town and back.

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