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Me109 In Cockpit Sounds


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Really came to life on my Klipsh speakers/subwoofer.  I could FEEL it.  This is what the sims need; realistic sound.  I'm especially disgusted with the machine gun sounds in BoX / FC.  "shh-shh-shh".  Really?  They gotta be able to come up with something better than that.  A plane like the P-47, it oughta SHAKE the plane.  Open cockpit plane, machine guns are LOUD when you're right next to them (watch any live-fire video).  Sure they can't get a real recording for everything, but there's a lot out there.  People joke about planes like the "tractor" D.VII in RoF....have you ever heard an engine with straight pipes or bad gaskets at low RPM?  Just like that.  N28?  Lawn mower, maybe, but that's exactly how the real ones sound.  Why the others are so much different I can't understand.  

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This must be harder to accomplish than it appears. I don't know why... but I can tell you that from the driving/racing aspect it makes a tremendous difference. Inside the cockpit of a plane, not so much.... not as thrilling.... but definitely a sensory perception that belongs. I have long complained about the over-rev scenarios in flight sims because believe me... when you have an engine turning that fast YOU KNOW IT.  The sound of the engine is well ingrained into your head from hundreds of hours of listening to it. You can feel it in your ass, and if it misses ONE stroke you are going to know it and that times 10x if you are out over the water.   Driving sims have taken the exact engines to the tracks and recorded them and they can be masterfully replicated. I have told the story dozens of times when GPL came out in the late 90's I was staying with my girlfriend in New Baltimore, Michigan on Lake St.Claire. Her father was living there at the same time and he was in charge of a test cell running the Packard Merlin engines built under license and he advanced to the level where he was working on the original Cosworth engine.  When I played GPL I had installed the MOD pack for the correct engine sounds.... and he was oblivious to it....  the Ferrari, BRM,  Brabham, Cooper... nothing made a difference... but when I ran the Lotus 49 with the original Cosworth V-8... I can still here him stumping across the wooden floor and stammered to me...wha wha where did you get that old 8 stacker?

That was his child... he knew the sound of that engine in a heartbeat.  It is extremely immersive... but make no mistake, the sound in cockpit is mundane... but outside, it is a symphony. 

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